Submittable can process a refund for your submitter as long as the submission meets the following criteria:

  • The refund request is made within six months of the submission date.

  • Your current income due to your organization (which can be viewed by level 5 administrators at Reports > Create > Other Reports > Income) exceeds the amount of the refund requested.

Please email us the request at Refund requests must come from an email address associated with a level 5 account administrator.

We'll need the following information: 

  1. Submitter name

  2. Submitter email address

  3. Title of submission

  4. Date of submission

  5. Submission fee amount

  6. Whether or not the submission should be withdrawn or remain active at the time of refund

  7. Whether or not you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the refund. If you're unsure of this, please check Reports > Create > Other Reports > Income to confirm you are expecting income that can cover the refund.

Note: Refund requests are processed together, once per week. Depending on when we hear from you, there could be a short delay between your request and the refund completion.

We are not able to process partial refunds. If a partial refund is required, we advise requesting a full refund, then requesting a replacement submission with the corrected fee.


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