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How can my organization use Submittable's Discover feature to promote calls?
How can my organization use Submittable's Discover feature to promote calls?

Use Submittable's Discover feature to attract more applicants.

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Submittable's Discover feature enables organizations to add searchable tags to any of your Projects. These tags make your calls easily searchable by Submittable's users who use the Discover feature to find and track submission opportunities.

To add tags to a call for submissions, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your Submittable account.

2. Navigate to the Projects page.

3. Click the Project you’d like to include in Discover.

4. On the General Settings tab, check that you have at least one tag added in the Join Discover dropdown menu. Edit or add more tags as needed.  (For example, if you're running a fiction writing contest, you might add tags such as "fiction," "contest," and "prize.")  When users search these terms, your opportunity will be shown to them.

5. Click Save Project. When your form is Live, it will appear in Discover.

Here are some additional details to consider when making your Projects Discoverable:

  • If any of your calls have deadlines, be sure to put that date into the Expires On field in the General Settings for your Project, as Discover will automatically feature calls that are approaching a deadline. 

  • If your call does not have a deadline, it will still be discoverable through search terms. However, it will appear among the no deadline calls. Users need to click the Show More option to see all current no deadline calls. The Show More button will reveal three new calls at a time. For a popular tag, like "poetry," users may not select Show More enough times for your call to appear.

  • Make sure submission guidelines are clear and easy to read. When users click on opportunities in Discover, the opportunities will appear in dialog boxes that are smaller than your browser window. We recommend placing the most important information toward the top of your guidelines.

  • Choose an attractive, properly sized header for your landing page. This is the header that is added through the Look and Feel configurations.

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