Organizations can set different permission levels for their team members based on the level of account access they would like each team member to have. When adding a new team member, you will specify what permission level you’d like them to have. 

To edit the permission levels for existing team members, go to More > Team, click the three dots and Edit next to the team member name, then make your preferred changes.

Below is a chart that details permission level capabilities according to each permission level.

Level 1  - Team members can only view, comment on, and rate submissions assigned to them. They cannot change the status of a submission by clicking on the status button, interact with submitters, or reassign submissions to other team members. They can export .CSV, PDFs, and submission files, for assigned submissions only.

Level 2 -  Team members can only view, comment on, rate, and reassign submissions assigned to them. They cannot change the status of a submission by clicking on the status button, and they cannot interact with the submitter. Can export CSV, PDFs, and submission files for assigned submissions only.

Note: Level 1 and 2 reviewers will not be able to see assigned submissions if they are open for editing. They will be able to view them again only after they have been closed for editing.

Level 3 - Team members can fully administer submissions assigned to them. They can view all reviews/ratings, accept, decline, and interact with submitters. Level 3 can accept/decline/complete/open for editing/archive submissions that are assigned to them, and can send Additional Forms. Level 3 can also export .csv files with submission information (including files) for submissions assigned to them.

Level 3 team members cannot view private notes from other team members, or access the Configurations page under More > Configurations. Level 3 cannot customize the Look & Feel of the site. Level 3 cannot create Reminders.

Level 4 - Team members can do everything Level 5 can do except access the Account Profile page or Look & Feel page, change the Subscription Plan, see Payment Information, or manage API Access.

Level 5 - Team members have access to all account features and have the highest level of administration within the account. They can fully manage other team members, submissions, Response Templates, all Forms (Initial, Additional, Reference, Review, Internal, Eligibility), Reports, the Organization Profile, Look & Feel, and billing and payment information.

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