This article refers to forms that were created using Submittable's original form builder.

Organizations that charge fees for submissions can offer free or discounted submissions to certain submitters, such as repeat submitters, while maintaining standard fees for others. To offer a reduced submission fee for your call, please follow these steps.

  1. Click on the Forms tab.

  2. Select the form for which you'd like to offer a discount and click Duplicate.

  3. Enter a name for the new form. Click Duplicate Form.

  4. Once you see the duplicated version of the form, click on it to edit it.

  5. In the General Settings tab, scroll down to the Price section. Click Add fee option to enter your preferred fee. You can also leave this blank if you prefer not to charge a fee for these submitters.

    6. Scroll down to the Hidden checkbox and select it.

    7. Click Save Form. Then click Return To List.
    8. On the Forms page, locate your new form title and click on the direct link icon to the right of your form name. This is the URL to the hidden form.
    9. You can send this hidden URL link to any submitters for whom you'd like to offer a discounted or free submission entry. 


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