When creating a form, you'll want to pay extra attention to how you use the Title field, because a submitter's entry in the Title field will become the searchable name of their submission in your organization's Submissions List. You may use one Title field per form. Typically, the Title field will be the first field you add to your form, where you will ask for information such as the submitter's name or the submission title.  

Please note that if your form does not include a Title field, submissions will be assigned an auto-incremented number as they are received, starting with 0001, and that number will display as the submission title in your Submissions List. If your organization is running a Concealed Review process, you may want to exclude the Title field to help preserve submission anonymity.

To see which field in your form is the Title field, click Show on the right-hand side of the Title field option in the Form Designer Toolbox.

When you click Show, the existing Title field in your form will be outlined in blue.


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