If your organization uses a single sign-on service, such as Okta or SecureAuth, Submittable offers a SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language)-based integration. Your users sign in once with your existing identity provider (IdP), and can then be seamlessly added to your Submittable team, with no additional sign-ins required.

Our single sign-on feature integrates easily with any identity provider that supports SAML. Some popular identity providers that support SAML are OKTA, CAS, Shibboleth, SecureAuth, and OneLogin.   

There are several important benefits to using SSO.

  1. Streamlined account management. When team members or employees come and go, SSO makes it easy for your administrators to add and remove account access for new or existing team members. Removing a user from your identity provider automatically removes their access to Submittable.
  2. Simplified user experience. Signing in to multiple services and remembering multiple passwords is a pain. With SSO, users only have to enter their login credentials once, limiting the number of usernames and passwords employees have to remember.
  3. Improved security. Weak or re-used passwords are a frequent source of security breaches. With a central identity provider, your organization can set its own password requirements (e.g. 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 1 number), ensuring that all team members comply with a desired level of password security.

If your organization would like to use an SSO system, we'll be happy to make that happen. Contact our sales team at sales@submittable.com to get the process started. Submittable will provide you with the the metadata you'll need from us to get set up, and we'll collect the metadata we need from your organization's IT team to get your SSO system up and running quickly and painlessly.

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