When creating new forms, you can click on any form field you've used to view and select the available settings for each field. Below are brief descriptions of these settings. Please click on the links in this article to read additional detailed instructions on how to use a particular setting.

 • In-line: Changes the layout of answer choices for a checkbox list or radio list. The default setting for list layout is vertical, like this: 

If you select the In-line setting, it will change the layout to a horizontal presentation.

Auto-Label: Automatically apply a label to a submission, based on a submitter's selected answer for that field.

Required: Requires submitters to complete that field before they can successfully submit.

Concealed Response: Makes any entries to the field invisible to all reviewers at or below the designated Concealed Threshold level.  You can set the Concealed Threshold level under the Notifications tab, to the right of the General Settings tab.

Gallery View: Selecting this setting will include any entries into this field into the Gallery View feature. Gallery View is an add-on feature.  If you are interested in adding it to your organization's subscription, please contact sales@submittable.com.

Enable Branching: Initiates the field as the first in a series of conditional logic queries.

Internal: Makes the field visible only to your organization's administrators and reviewers. The form field will not show publicly to submitters if you select the Internal setting.


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