Submittable regularly makes updates and improvements to our software. Please refer to this page for product releases from July 2018 through July 2020.

6/27/2020 - 7/24/2020 v3.1155 - v3.1181

  • Multi-stage Review updated so when completing a custom review doesn't migrate submission from "Unfinished" to "Finished" in Progress Report

  • Updated and improved emails for users of all levels

  • Forms updated so the Gallery tab expands when editing a Form/Project

  • Improvements made so submitter information remains hidden in the Submitter CSV Export on a concealed submission.

  • Updates made to the localization of search filters.

  • Multi-stage Review updated so the stage order when filtering by the review stage is correct.

  • Added the ability to cancel or change your plan within specific accounts.

  • Eligibility Page updated to have ineligible messaging appear.

  • Forms updated so the Date form field no longer shows the wrong date in sub details or standard reports based on time zone.

4/27/2020 - 6/26/2020 v3.1107 - v3.1154

  • Reporting updates made to add reference and internal forms.

  • Forms update so auto labels no longer cause issues when multiple labels have the same name but different casing

  • Improvements to the file upload field to throw an error if upload fails.

  • Multi-stage Review updated to prevent moving submissions that have completed reviews to a different project.

  • Forms Designer improvements made to drag and drop functionality

  • Forms update made to Date Picker upper limit field.

  • Multi-stage Review improvements on batch assignments & un-assignments.

  • Gallery updates for all browsers to limit to one vote, even if you are voting anonymously.

  • Forms update made to standard reporting and added ‘Title’ field.

3/30/2020 - 4/26/2020 v3.1093 - v3.1106

  • Multi-stage Review assignments dropdown list updated to enhance name visibility.

  • Improved Multi-stage Review to allow sorting by score or stage.

  • Updated forms number field with 3 formatting options (Currency, Percent, and Number).

  • Updated the visuals to Single Checkbox and Multiple Response form fields.

  • Improved Multi-stage Review notifications to send an email to everyone on the team when the entire team is auto-assigned to a submission stage.

  • Multi-stage Review updated to have the review scores remain after un-assignment.

  • Improved Discover feature back navigation.

2/28/2020 - 3/29/2020 v3.1071 - v3.1092

  • Updated Multi-stage Review to remove viewable submissions from lower-level reviewers, not on the current review stage.

  • Enhanced Funds feature to allow the amount to be editable.

  • Multi-stage Review updated to allow the ability to delete a stage.

  • Multi-stage Review updated to provide warning of destructive action.

  • Updated payment via the check option.

  • Updated form builder to improve saving efficiency.

  • Updated modal UI and accessibility.

  • Forms page title has been correctly updated from “Projects” to “Forms”.

  • Updated Multi-stage Review to remove submissions from lower-level reviewers, not on the current stage.

  • Updated .zip file exports for new initial forms.

  • Updated video transcoding for all accounts.

  • Updated messaging to help prevent email loops when auto responses are being used.

  • Updated entire team assignments to stick with stage updates in Multi-stage review.

  • Enhanced Multi-stage and Single-stage Review to allow levels 1-3 reviewers to see their reviews post-completion, in addition to their review score.

  • Improved order and accessibility to submitter-side submission list.

  • Enhanced the concealed feature for new forms, allowing the organization to decide if they would just like to conceal the submitter answer, or the entire field, from their reviewers.

  • Improved Universal Submission Tracker’s title field.

  • Updated the visibility on Editable statuses in the submitter’s submission list.

  • Improved retroactive assignments for “Entire Team” when using Single-stage or Multi-stage Review.

1/28/2020 - 2/27/2020 v3.1044 - v3.1070

  • Updates to new initial forms on the submitter side for easier image reordering.

  • Updated modal for external submissions.

  • Improved status visibility for editable submissions on the submitter side. 

  • Saved drafts adjusted so no refresh is needed to see that they have been deleted (reversion to prior functionality). 

  • Improved search list experience. 

  • Salesforce Integration updated with the new form engine.

  • Gallery adjusted to show voting over 4 digits. 

  • Preview of new forms adjusted to show the name field. 

  • Multi-stage review updated to prohibit double auto-assignment settings, to prevent an issue with submitting. 

  • Funds preview page added to level 5 accounts. 

  • Zip files for new form designer updated for exports

  • Update to single-stage review to new accounts, as well as updates to up/down voting for single stage review.

  • Improvements made to bundling and caching.

  • Enhancements made to New Forms and Metadata display. 

  • Adjustments made to form logic to assist with data collection. 

  • Added the ability to export new initial form data in PDF. 

  • Updated to Discover to the displaying of fees. 

  • Create a Stage verbiage updated for single stage review. 

  • Updates made to new forms and the representation of metadata.

  • Updated error validation and handling, in regards to extra white space left at the end of answers.

  • Improved sorting for submission title and submitter headers in Additional Forms detail list

  • Resolved the resend request after submitting the submission, in regards to reference requests. 

  • Reference Forms can now be opened for editing. 

  • Updates to .jpeg and .tiff and their upload-ability. 

  • STP, STEP, DAE, and FBX were added as acceptable files that can be uploaded to submissions. 

  • Reference forms can now be opened or closed for editing. 

  • Updates to reports, and the category name used when building a report. 

1/1/2020 - 1/27/2020 v3.1031 - v3.1043

  • Added ability to make reference forms editable. 

  • Updated functionality to the rich text editor linking ability, submitter-side, within a new form. 

  • Updates to reviewer reminders made in regards to staging within Review Workflow. 

  • Updated sign-out link from the sign-up page. 

  • Fees associated with New Forms now represented in Discover. 

  • Updated messaging for editing New Forms. 

  • Update to file extension to assist with file upload success. 

  • Updated language of submission title text. 

  • Updated verbiage for smart fees and submission editing. 

  • Updates to Review Workflow to keep the review tab visible when form fields are used that don’t allow for input. 

  • Updated permission levels so that Levels 1 and 2 can now view their review scores made in Review Workflow on their submission list. 

  • Fixed a typo on the sign-up page. 

  • Updates to the form designer to auto-highlight the field title. 

  • Updated the website form field to transcode video URLs. 

  • Updates to Review Workflow and the submission list view to allow for sort by score or sort by stage. 

  • Updated language in the Welcome Email and sign-up page layout. 

  • New forms added to public API. 

  • Added error messaging for uploading messaging file attachments larger than 300Mb from the submission list. 

  • Updated score averaging and totaling views on Review Workflow feature. 

  • Updated HTML rendering on the submissions details page. 

  • New Initial Forms engine enabled for new customers. 

  • Improved scrolling with drag and drop functionality in the new form designer. 

Week of 12/16/19 - 12/31/19 v3.1021 - v3.1030

  • Support multiple attachments at one time from the submission details page and submission list page. 

  • Collaborative Drafts tab added to Submitter accounts. 

  • Updated formatting on demo account sign-up page. 

  • Updated Reference Form validation in new additional forms. 

  • Payment failure messaging added for new forms. 

  • Updated Messaging attachment encoding. 

  • Updates to file upload field messaging. 

  • Updates made to Review Workflow feature and random assignment function working together more seamlessly. 

  • Error prevention added to the label/title of the form field elements. 

  • Updated Advanced Reporting button for renaming/deletion of reports. 

  • Error prevention added for Additional Forms and multiple requests. 

  • Improved formatting for long payment descriptions. 

  • Improved error handling.

  • Updated payments verification. 

  • Updates to reference forms and file upload accessibility. 

Week of 11/27/19 - 12/13/19 v3.1008 - v3.1020

  • Updated file upload abilities on Additional Forms.

  • Improvements to Reports creation and field selection. 

  • Improved access on reference forms to reference a file attachment. 

  • Improved context on submitter-facing sign-in/sign-up page. 

  • Updated Discover header and dropdown menu. 

  • Improvements made to Gallery’s Anonymous Voting feature.

  • Reference form improvements for navigation of reference person

  • In-app video tutorials added to Advanced Reporting

Week of 11/16/19 - 11/26/19 v3.1001 - v3.1008

  • Further improved Localization in regards to dates.

  • Updated Additional Forms completion email confirmation link to submitter. 

  • Updated currency symbol for Funds dashboard. 

  • Fixed double confirmation message issue on submission details page.

Week of 11/04/19 - 11/15/19 v3.994 - v3.1000

  • Improved Localization in regards to dates.

  • Draft submission reminder improvement.

  • Upgraded the Messaging feature with the ability to send file attachments larger than 20MB from the submission details page.

  • Updated Gallery response with sharing link.

  • Improved Income Report page.

  • Google Sign-In available. 

  • Updates to added image alternative text, improving accessibility.  

  • Updated General Guidelines requirement.

  • Advanced Reporting navigation consolidated to Reports drop-down.

Week of 10/28/19 - 11/01/19  v3.988 - v3.991

  • Updated the ability to invite/assign a team member from the submission list page.

Week of 10/21/19 - 10/25/19  v3.987

  • Updated formatting for the draft submission feature.

  • Improved functioning of label-creation in a submission detail page.

  • Added ability to search by submitter’s first and last name in a Gallery.

Week of 10/14/19 - 10/19/19  v3.983 - v3.986 

  • Improved the ability to edit review reminders.

  • Updated currency symbol for Swiss Franc.

  • Level 1, 2, & 3 team members can now run CSV submission exports. 

  • Improved the ability to set a form to go live at 12:00am.

Week of 10/7/19 - 10/11/19  v3.976 - v3.982

  • Improved performance of forms with a Select Long List tool in place. 

Week of 9/30/19 - 10/4/19 - v3.971 - v3.975

  • Updated the ability to assign/un-assign reviewers to submissions. 

  • Updated the error message that users see when organization accounts are paused or expired

  • Updated the Customer Support link at the bottom of submission forms. 

  • Improved ability to pay for submissions with PayPal

Week of 9/23/19 - 9/27/19  v3.965 - v3.970

  • Improved functionality for reporting and exporting submission data.

  • Improved ability for level 1 & 2 team members to see their own review scores in the assigned submission list. 

  • Updated language localization on forms' submission pages.

  • Updated concealed form fields in primary forms to be visible to reviewers with a concealed designation, [concealed], showing for the answer. 

  • Added a confirm password field when a user creates a new account.

Week of 9/9/19 - 9/13/19   v3.959 - v3.962

  • Improved performance when using PayPal in Chrome. 

Week of 8/26/19 - 8/30/19  v3.954-v3.955

  • Improved ability to reply to a message in the submission details page with message going to all users in that thread. 

Week of 8/5/19 - 8/9/19  v3.937-v3.945

  • Adjusted team access settings to only allow level 4 & 5 team members the ability to enter in a manual submission. 

  • Improved ability to view all team members under Assign, in the submission list, when the organization has a large number of team members. 

  • Updated the platform to automatically log users out after 24 hours of inactivity. 

  • Updated the password-reset page to include an error message when page is expired. 

Week of 7/15/19 - 8/2/19  v3.928-v3.936

  • Updated the draft submission feature to include a date range option. 

Week of 7/1/19 - 7/12/19   v3.922-v3.927

  • Improved ability to change the status of a submission and message the submitter from the submission list page. 

  • Converted the dashboard submission labels pie chart to a bar graph.

  • Improved the 'select long list' function. 

  • Updated the layout on the Gallery page. 

  • Improved ability to take action on links in the Activity page.

  • Increased accuracy of action times captured in the Activity page. 

  • Improved centering of an image in the Guidelines section of a Gallery.

  • Increased character limit for Form Guidelines from 20,000 to 30,000 characters. 

  • Optimized Gallery to function consistently, regardless of presence of title form field in submission form.  

  • Improved ability to delete the title form field in the Form Designer. 

Week of 6/24/19 - 6/28/19    v3.920-v3.921

  • Improved ability to upload files larger than 2 GB to a submission.

  • Released new Draft feature to select accounts.

Week of 6/17/19 - 6/21/19  v3.916-v3.919

  • Removed the ability for levels 1-3 team members to see the Forms button in the navigation bar. 

  • Moved the localization widget to display in the navigation bar. 

  • Changed the submission list action bar title from ‘More’ to ‘Other’.

  • Added the ability to download all activity feed information from the submission details page.

  • Added an Additional Form icon to the submitter-side submission list.

Week of 6/10/19 - 6/14/19    v3.912-v3.915

  • Hide messaging access for level 1 users.

  • Added 'Any' or 'All' designation to the label filter in Reports.

  • Updated language localization to include Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, and Thai.

Week of 6/3/19 - 6/7/19  v3.907-v3.911

  • Added Dashboard feature to all custom plan accounts.

  • Updated the placement of the delete button on the downloads page in Reporting.

  • Updated the expiration times for calls listed in Discover. 

  • Added the ability to batch move submissions to In-Progress in the submission list. 

  • Updated the fee-description feature on submission forms. 

  • Improved functioning of messaging modals. 

  • Updated the team list so that inactive team members do not count towards team limit

Week of 5/28/19 - 5/31/19   v3.900-v3.906

  • Updated submitters' ability to message organizations.

  • Improved capability to upload an image to the Look & Feel page.

  • Updated platform to limit account functionality when payment is past due 60 days.

  • Updated platform to revoke access when account is past payment 90 days. 

  • Increased password requirements to require 8 characters and at least 2 of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols.

  • Improved Invite and Assign feature.

  • Updated reporting with additional search filters for Submission Status, Form Status, Add-on Payments, and Submission Rating. 

  • Updated Team Progress Report to include only active submissions. 

  • Improved messaging system to show error if no recipient selected.

  • Updated submission and voting timestamps in Activity Tab (for organizations and the submitters). 

  • Improved ability for organizations to view files on Submission Details page (if file has been previously replaced by submitter). 

Week of 5/20/19 - 5/24/19   v3.894-v3.899

  • Added an error message for Level 5 team members if payment is past due. 

  • Improved the Team Progress Report feature. 

  • Reduced number of pre-lockout password attempts from 20 to 10.

  • Added the ability for Level 3 team members to batch message submitters from the submission list page.

  • Removed autocomplete feature when signing into a Submittable account. 

  • Updated error message when adding a payment option on a form without entering a description. 

Week of 5/13/19 - 5/17/19   v3.888-v3.893

  • Updated the 'To:' feature when sending a message in the submission details page. 

  • Updated accessibility for Download and Delete options in submission details page.

  • Added a status filter to the reporting feature.

  • Added an upsell option for the additional form feature.

  • Improved the word count function for text areas in the review designer.

  • Improved the ability to edit a submission as the organization in the submission details page.

  • Improved the modal with the submitter's information when clicking on a submitter's name in the submission list. 

  • Improved the function of labels in the submission details page. 

  • Added a label filter to the reporting feature.

Week of 5/6/19 - 5/10/19  v3.881-v3.887

  • Updated the team progress report links.

  • Improved scrolling ability in Form Designer toolbox. 

  • Updated concealed submission filenames to show as [concealed] in the submission details page.

  • Updated screen reader accessibility in the file viewer.

  • Added .csv, .heif, .hevc, and .stl as acceptable file types for the file-upload form field.  

Week of 4/29/19 - 5/3/19   v3.874-v3.880

  • Added the submission URL as an option in Reporting.

Week of 4/22/19 - 4/26/19    v3.868-v3.873

  • Allow organizations the option to accept files larger than 5G.

Week of 4/15/19 - 4/19/19  v3.863-v3.867

  • Updated the team list export feature.

  • Discontinued support for IE11.

Week of 4/8/19 - 4/12/19   v3.855 - v3.862

  • Added ability to export a .csv file of an organization's team list.

  • Added ability to delete downloaded and saved reports. 

  • Updated text box form field in the review designer. Date picker will show if field is validated for a date. 

  • Improved display of navigation bar on mobile devices. 

  • Updated error message when required form field is missed. Will now read: 'this field is required'.

  • Updated navigation bar on submission details page. 

  • Improved 'at opening show file preview' display option on submission details page. 

  • Added .adoc to list of accepted file types for file upload fields.  

Week of 4/1/19 - 4/5/19    v3.850-v3.854

  • Improved ability to finalize and edit review forms. 

  • Updated the ‘Agree to Terms’ text on forward-facing submission forms.

  • Improved data validation on review forms. 

  • Improved access to submission details page for Levels 1-3 team members. 

Week of 3/25/19 - 3/29/19   v3.844-v3.849

  • Improved file-viewing ability in the submission details page.

  • Improved message formatting for multiple email providers.

  • Improved multiple functions, including the look and feel, of the new Messaging feature.

  • Improved function when closing files in the submission details page. No longer returns to the top of submissions list.

  • Updated Messaging template and added a ‘Download in Submittable’ button when a file is attached to the message. 

  • Improved the ability for organizations to upload jpeg files in the submission details page. 

  • Removed ‘Holy Cow’ as a default label on new accounts.

  • Improved the submission list page to display ‘n/a’ if a submission’s title has been deleted.

  • Updated the contact email address on the subscription plan page. 

Week of 3/11/19 - 3/15/19  v3.836-v3.840

  • Improved functioning of vote tally in submission list.

  • Continued improvements to the new Messaging feature. 

  • Improved scrolling performance of files in submission details page when a file is missing.

Week of 3/4/19 - 3/8/19    v3.833-v3.835

  • Released a new messaging feature to all organizations.

Week of 2/25/19 - 3/1/19   v3.832-v3.826

  • Un-concealed file names on submission details page of concealed forms. 

  • Improved functioning of the Submit button.

  • Visual improvements made to the Submit button in Discover.

Week of 2/18/19 - 2/22/19   v.3.821-v3.825

  • Improved submission exports to include text block fields in PDF versions.

  • Improved downloaded concealed files to keep file names intact.

Week of 2/11/19 - 2/15/19   v.3.819-v3.820

  • Added Union Pay credit cards as acceptable payment type.

  • Added users' email address to the name dropdown; moved logout to the top of the dropdown.

Week of 2/4/19 - 2/8/19   v3.811-v3.818

  • Improved file viewer dropdown in submission details.

  • Improved password reset function when multiple password reset links are sent.

  • Improved concealed filename to remain concealed after the file is downloaded.

  • Improved saving functionality when multiple browser tabs are open.

Week of 1/28/19 - 2/1/19   v3.803-v3.810

  • Improved functioning of required file-upload form fields in Additional Forms.

  • Improved Table feature to not redirect submitter to top of form after closing table.

Week of 1/21/19 - 1/25/19  v3.798-v3.801 

  • Added 'Reference Letter Received' field to Reports tool. 

  • Changed phone form field to default to US country code.

Week of 1/14/19 - 1/18/19  v3.793-v3.797

  • Improved performance of navigation function when user account created without a first or last name.

  • Resolved an error occurring with the random assignment feature. 

  • Improved the function of the content page when an organization deletes files submitter-uploaded files. 

  • Updated the new navigation for improved performance on mobile devices.

  • Improved the ability to upload large files when the same form is open in two tabs. 

Week of 1/7/19-1/11/19   v.3787-v3.792

  • Expanded text area on review forms and enabled line-by-line expansion with text entry. 

  • Improved randomize assignment feature to make the assignments more random.

Week of 12/31/18 - 1/4/19   v3.784 - v3.786

  • Added the ability to use custom CSS on a Gallery page. 

Week of 12/24/18 - 12/28/18   v3.777 -v3.783

  • Updated navigation bar. 

  • Added shadow box to new navigation bar. 

  • Updated navigation bar for mobile.

  • Improved functioning of publication-date feature if set before a submission is accepted. 

  • Changed “Reference Letter” to “Supporting Documents” in email template and file-upload field and "Document Request" in Form Designer toolbox.

  • Improved Reports functioning with Firefox. 

Week of 12/17/18 - 12/21/18  v3.773- v3.776

  • Improved the “No Response” option text in the Response Template dropdown for status-change emails. 

Week of 12/10/18 - 12/14/18  v3.769- v3.772

  • Improved draft editor plugin for image resizing in the General Guidelines. 

Week of 12/03/18 - 12/07/18  v3.764-v3.768

  • Improved functionality for downloading reviews in activity tab on submission details page.

Week of 11/19/18 - 11/30/18  v3.755-v3.763

  • Improved the open for editing function to only show relevant file upload form fields.

  • Added reference letter form field to additional forms.

  • Enhanced error messaging for forms missing required information.

  • Improved functionality of image links in gallery view.

  • Improved footer position in gallery view.

  • Improved manual submission capability for forms with an international phone field. 

11/12/18-11/16/18   v3.750-v3.754

  • Improved live links in text areas in a review form. 

  • Added permission level to pending team invites on the team list.

  • Improved action when clicking on name of inactive team member on team list, now directs to team member edit page. 

11/5/18-11/9/18  v3.741-v3.749

  • Updated instructions on how to use placeholder tags when creating.

  • Changed verbiage when removing a Form from ‘Delete this Form’ to ‘Remove this Form’. 

  • Removed ability to send an Additional Form when a submission is Withdrawn.

  • Removed Statistics Report verbiage from the Summary Page.

  • Improved search filter function to show Add-On Payment description.

  • Improved placement of message explaining that a form is not live when you click on the title of a not-live form.

  • Improved appearance of hyperlinks to match the font chosen on the Look & Feel page.

  • Enabled ability to hover over the time in the Activity Feed in Submission Details and view the full time entry.

  • Improved review form function to create a new review template if submission is moved to a new form. 

10/22/18-10/26/18 v3.733-v3.738

  • Received Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) from Perkins Access for the submitter-facing side of the platform. This VPAT follows industry standards outlined in WCAG 2.0, which were included in recent updates to Section 508.

  • Improved checkbox functionality to decode all HTML entities.

  • Removed the ability for organizations to choose the color for the required form field asterisks. All Asterisks will be red by default. 

  • Improved the Text Area word limit function in the custom review designer. 

10/15/18-10/19/18  v3.730-v3.732

  • Improved tag display in Discover. 

  • Removed reviewers’ ability to access submitter name by clicking Auto Label in submission details page.  

  • Improved functioning of Auto Labels in single-checkbox form fields.

  • Improved withdraw function to limit the number of notification emails received by an organization. 

  • Updated table viewer in submission details page to display submitter edits. 

  • Improved scrolling function in the file-navigation dropdown in submissions details page.

  • Improved the In-Line feature for review form fields. 

  • Updated verbiage on Payment Validation page. 

  • Improved platform functionality when HTML errors are built into a form by an organization. 

  • Improved duplicating-form function to maintain internal form field.

09/24/18-09/28/18  v3.722 -v3.725   

  • Improved functioning of expiration date when setting forms to expire at 11:59 PM.

  • Downloaded reports will now automatically delete from view after 45 days.

  • Level 3 team members can now view editable assigned submissions.

  • Improved functioning and appearance of review-form dropdown fields.

  • Improved visibility of text blocks when Form Logic applied to a form.

  • Re-designed close icon when declining a submission from the submission list and attaching a file. 

09/17/18-09/21/18   v3.711-v3.717

  • Improved functioning of Upgrade Plan buttons viewable on Inactive accounts.

  • Added error messages when incorrect CVV or expiration date entered upon upgrade. 

  • Changed view of plan-pricing page for invoiced customers. 

  • Improved ability to scroll between images in full-screen mode. 

  • Removed trashcan icon for Level 1-3 team members on file-upload form fields. 

  • Added button to connect Submittable account to Salesforce account. 

  • Improved functionality of concealed form fields. 

  • Improved loading and viewing of video files in the Submission Details page.
    09/10/18-09/14/18   v3.707-v3.710

  • Improved redirection, and added dedicated login button, for Single Sign On (SSO) users.

  • Improved the ability to scroll in the submission details page in an inactive account. 

  • Increased visual padding around login and signup buttons in mobile.

  • Various improvements made to submission export function.

09/6/18   v3.705, v3.706 

  • Improved subject line text when emailing a Gallery link from an Android phone.

  • Removed default text populating Text Blocks in Additional Forms. 

09/5/18   v3.704

  • Links shared from Gallery homepage now include the organization’s name. 

08/28/18   v3.698

  • Improved the ability to edit radio lists on submissions. 

  • Additional Forms now required to have a unique name before they get sent to submitters. 

  • Error message added when required checkbox list left incomplete in review forms. 

  • Improved clarity of message users receive when they try to Sign Up, rather than Sign In, with an existing Submittable account. 

08/24/18   v3.697

  • Improved gallery viewing capabilities, maintaining voting page when scrolling or clicking outside of the image. 

  • Improved functioning of scrolling behavior when ‘At opening show file preview' is chosen, returning user to correct page of submission-list view from submission details page. 

  • Improved scrolling behavior on submission details page.

  • Improved review-form functionality when form logic is present. 

08/22/2018   v3.694

  • Internal Note verbiage removed when adding a Submitter Note, a Private Note or a Team Note to the activity feed of a submission.

08/21/2018   v3.693

  • Added image-uploading indicator on Look and Feel page.

  • Include Talentd submissions in submitter list.

  • Changed default settings for submission forms to open at 12 am on the “Starts On” date, and expire at 11:59 pm on the “Expires On” date. 

08/20/2018  v3.692

  • Improved audio transcoding. 

  • Levels 1 and 2 team members can now successfully download their own reviews. 

08/17/2018   v3.691

  • Improved random sort performance in Gallery. 

  • Header images will now save if uploaded prior to saving Look and Feel settings.

08/16/2018   v3.689, v3.690 i

  • Improved acessibilty: required fields on the profile page weren’t obviously marked as such when viewed via screen reader. Added asterisks to each label and input.

  • If Discover checkbox on User Settings page is unchecked, user is now redirected to submission list upon login. 

  • Improved iOS video viewing in Gallery.

  • Improved accessibility: user submission list didn’t visually indicate that each row is a link. Titles of submission list items now underlined to make link more evident.

  • Improved Accessibility: required fields on the change password page weren’t obviously marked as such when viewed via screen reader. Added asterisks to each label and input.

  • Reference letters are now downloadable from the submission details page.

  • Removed “These changes will be visible to the submitter” message that appeared when an organization edited an internal field in the submission details.

08/09/2018   v3.684

  • Items in“Select (long list)” tool in the Form Designer are now ordered.

08/08/2018   v3.682, v3.683 i

  • Added JPG file format for adding and replacing reference letters on submission details page. 

  • Header image is now able to be deleted on Look and Feel page.

08/08/2018   v3.677, v3.678, v3.679, v3.680, v3.681 

  • Review downloads format changed from PDF to RTF.

  • Default submission list sort changed from title ascending to submitted date descending.

  • Header image uploader updated to allow image cropping capabilities and improve the user interface for header-image uploading.

  • In submission detail activity feed, pop-up alert added when a file is added to submission notes area, stating that note text is required.

  • Allowed uppercase characters in reference letter email.

  • If an unembeddable video file is present on submission detail page, display a clickable URL instead of black box.

  • A loading indicator was added when paging through submissions using forward and back arrows.

  • Added ALT text, for accessibility purposes, to question-mark icon on public-facing submission pages.

08/02/2018   v3.672,  v3.673, v3.674, v3.675, v3.676

  • If organization has no response templates set up, it’s now possible to accept or decline without notifying submitter. 

  • More descriptive labels added to links for screen readers.

  • Consent copy (at sign-up and on user settings page) was updated to make it to make it more clear that promotional and marketing emails are coming from Submittable. 

  • Level 2 team members can now be assigned to a submission, and then assign someone else to the submission and remove themselves from the submission at the same time. 

  • Error message added when a required checkbox is not checked and user attempts to complete the submission. 

  • When scrolling through multiple submissions, reviewers are now returned to previous page, rather than the first page. 

07/30/2018   v3.671

  • More than 10 options now allowed on a checkbox rating list in a review form.

  • Standardized link size in organization guidelines area.

  • Improved scrolling behavior in drop-down list for team-member assignees.

07/26/2018   v3.670 

  • Improved functionality of Update Review, Save Draft and Finalize Review buttons on new submission details page.

  • Added the submission assignment links back to the assignments email.

  • Ensured that default note visibility set in Assignments & Notifications tab was reflected in submission details. 

  • Enabled new submission details page by default for new organizations. 

  • Removed Talentd-related links and pages from platform.

07/25/2018   v3.669

  • Removed search function in note-visibility drop-down. 

07/23/2018   v3.664, v3.665, v3.666, v3.667 

  • Label activity concealeded on new submission details page.

  • Commas can now be used in Radio List and Checkbox List options of custom review forms.

  • Alphabetize list of team members when sending email from submission details page. 

  • Minor alignment and style improvements made to new submission details page

  • Added front-end notification when fee is required. 

  • Resolved issue of long submission titles visually displacing certain action buttons. 

  • Resolved issue related to API handling of reference-letter requests. 

  • Updated copy to enable or disable Discover on User Settings page. 

  • Improved status message for large-video transcoding.

07/18/2018   v3.663

  • Re-added ability to add note to assignment email. 

  • Improved date and URL validation for their respective form fields.

  • Updated message text for organizations that have met their team-member limit. 

07/17/2018   v3.661, v3.662

  • Added missing apostrophe typo in some localized text.

  • Displayed file name now hidden on new submission details if the rest of the submission is concealed. 

  • Accessibility improvement: fixed issue with drop downs not being able to be properly read by screen-readers. 

  • Improved visual presentation on additional form dropdown.

  • Updated color of social-share icons to create platform-wide visual consistency.

  • Video progress bar now shows in Internet Explorer

  • Made email subject field required across response templates.

  • Email verification now required for Gallery voters. 

07/13/2018   v3.659 v3.660

  • Improved file upload to editable submissions. 

  • Added submitter address and payment information to the info-box pop-up in the new submission details page. 

  • Improved password-reset functionality. 

07/12/2018   v3.652, v3.653, v3.654, v3.655, v3.656, v3.657, v3.658

  • Made concealed status actions consistent between list page and submission details page.

  • Increased specificity of error-message language in forms when submitter attempts to finalize submission without completing a required field. 

  • Updated copy for default email templates to increase relevance to a broader user base. 

  • Various UI improvements to the submission details page, including text added to icons, calendar moved to More menu, and improved placement and functioning of Additional Forms.

  • Added a default subject line for response templates without a subject line. 

  • Date displays properly in new submission details page.

  • Corrected response templates using the [DetailsLink] tag sending users to a 404 due to missing "/" in the URL.

  • Updated file viewer in Gallery to support 360/VR video.

  • Improved form deletion functionality form-list page. 

  • Improved Email validation links. 

  • Notifications messages no longer block any UI in submission details page. 

  • Status-change emails no longer fail when submission deleted immediately following status change. 

  • Added checkbox on Personal Settings page so that user can choose whether to land at Discover, or on their submissions list page, upon login. 

  • Added checkbox for organizations to disable Discover access for submitters who sign up at their domain. 

  • Added LinkedIn button to public-facing submission pages; removed Google Plus button. 

  • Improved submitter name display when special character references are used in new submission emails.

  • Reviewer name appears in assignment emails, instead of assigner's name.

  • Changed submitter-side submission download from RTF to PDF.

07/03/2018   v3.651

  •  Mobile improvement: Increased size of social share icons on mobile and made the “close lightbox” button visible. 

  • Mobile improvement: Added the “view other submissions” button to the bottom of a submission light box for reduced scrolling to access list view.

  • Updated appearance of price total on paid submission forms. 

  • Implemented link to return to list view on Gallery light-box pages.

  • Eliminated typo on User Settings page.

  • Increased font size in all generated PDFs. Returned to using Proxima Nova font. Added line breaks between reviews.

  • Switched Gallery guidelines entry from text box to the WYSIWYG editor, and made any text linkable. 

  • Improved site navigation. 

07/02/2018   v3.650

  • Improved on new submission details page.

  • Added customization of dates and times for form start and expiration. 

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