Dropdown lists enable you to save space in your form by letting submitters make a selection from a list that drops down when you click on it. Dropdown lists are especially useful when creating a question that has numerous possible responses, such as "What state do you live in?" To create a dropdown list, drag either the Select (long list) tool or Dropdown tool over from the form field toolbox.

If you select the Dropdown tool, you will manually fill in the dropdown label box with the question you're asking, as in the example below: What is your favorite color? You will then be able to fill in the choices you'd like the submitter to select from.

When a submitter sees the field in the form,  it will look like this:

If you use the Select (long list) option, you will then be able to upload a file (.csv, .tst, or .txt) that will populate your dropdown list. For example, here is a .csv file containing the names of all 50 U.S states.

Drag the Select (long list) field into your form, and you will see the option to drag your prepared file into this box:

After you have dragged your file into the box, the dropdown list will automatically populate in the form. The submitter will see a dropdown list that looks like this:


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