The Tables feature enables organizations to include fillable tables in their application form. Organizations can upload a spreadsheet template into their application form, including common spreadsheet formulas such as SUM or COUNT. This creates a table where applicants can enter data. As the applicants enter data, the table will automatically make calculations based on any formulas in the spreadsheet template.

To add a table to an application form, follow these steps:

  1. From the Form Designer on the left, drag and drop the Table field from the toolbox onto your application form. 

After you do this, you will see the following field:

2. Give your table a name, such as Project Budget. Determine if your table will be a requirement for your applicants in the Field Options area and select the "Response Required" checkbox if so. Here you can also designate if there is any applicable concealed review setting.

3. To create a spreadsheet template on a PC, you can use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. 

4. The spreadsheet template must be in .xlsx format. See this help article for a full list of spreadsheet formulas supported in Tables. The table will be as wide as the farthest right column that contains text or a formula (e.g., Column E in the below example), and it will be as long as the last row that contains text or a formula (e.g., Row 6 in the below example). This sample spreadsheet template for a budget contains formulas to calculate subtotals and a total:

5. Once you've created your spreadsheet and saved it as an .xlsx file,
locate your Table field and click Upload a file, or drag and drop your .xlsx file onto the form field.

Note: If you’re creating the spreadsheet in Google Sheets, click on File > Download As > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) to download an .xlsx version of your file.

If at any time you’d like to switch this file for another, click Remove file and upload another .xlsx file.

6. Click Done when you’re finished.

7. To see what your table looks like to an applicant, click the View Your Site button at the top right of any page in your Submittable account and select the appropriate form. Locate the table on your application form. As the applicant fills in your table, any formulas you have entered into your spreadsheet template will automatically generate calculations.

8. To see an expanded view of the Table, click Expand. To go back to the application form, click Close.

9. After the applicant has submitted the form, you can view the applicant’s table data by downloading the completed table from the submission.

Interested in adding Tables to your organization's account? Contact an account manager.

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