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How does Submittable's Messaging feature work?
How does Submittable's Messaging feature work?

Submittable enables you to send and receive email messages that can be viewed and tracked within our platform.

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Submittable enables organizations to exchange messages with submitters that are viewable and trackable within the Submittable platform. The Messages tab can be found on the Submission Details page to the right of the Activity and Review columns. This feature allows for easy communication about a unique submission without having to search through offline emails exchanged outside the Submittable platform.

To send a message to a submitter about a submission:

  1. Click on the title of the submission from the Submission List page. 

  2. Click on the Messages tab.

  3. Click the New Message button at the top of the dialog box. You may select a pre-written response template, or write a new subject and message in the text boxes provided. You can also attach a file. Your message will be sent to the submitter as an email, and your organization's name will be shown as the Sender.

    Submitters can respond to messages by replying to the email they receive. Any responses will appear in the new Messages tab on the Submission Details page, creating a correspondence record that is much easier to view than searching through emails outside the platform. Additionally, all message records will appear in a Messages tab in the submitter's account.

Sending messages to other assignees on a submission:

Messaging is configured so that when different level team members are assigned to the same submission, only level 5 team members (administrators) can initiate new messages to other assignees of the unique submission. Sub-level 5 assignees can initiate messages to any level 5 team members, but levels 1-4 cannot initiate new messages to each other. Once a level 5 team member has included other assignees in a message thread, any message recipient can reply to the thread, and all previous recipients will receive the message reply.


  • If your organization has unchecked the Enable Submitter Messaging checkbox in your organization's Account Settings, submitters will not be able to send messages to your organization from within their Submittable account.

However, submitters will be able to reply to any note or email message they receive from an organization regarding a unique submission.

  • When a submitter initiates a message, a notification will be sent to the organization's main organization address only. Submission assignees will not receive an email notification that a message has been received. However, all submission assignees (along with level 4 and 5 administrators) will be able to view the message in the submission activity feed.

  • When a submitter replies to a message they received from a team member, the team member who sent the message will receive an email notification indicating that a submitter response has been sent. All other assigned team members, as well as level 4 and 5 administrators, will be able to view the message thread on the Submission Details page but will not receive an off-platform email notification. 

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