If you have created more than one Submittable account and you'd like to simplify things by merging them into one account with one username/password, our support team will be happy to help you do that.

Please follow these steps to request that your Submittable accounts be merged:

  • Identify the email address you use for each account. Every Submittable account is associated with a unique email address that is used to sign in.  

  • Write to us at submittersupport@submittable.com. Please send the same request once from each of the email addresses associated with the accounts to be merged, and indicate in your message which email address you'd like to use to sign in to the resulting single account.

    We ask that you write us from each email address in order to verify that both accounts belong to you. You can use the template below to make your merge request.  Add your own email addresses into the brackets and send from each of your email addresses.

    Dear Submittable Support:
    I'm writing to request to have my Submittable accounts merged.  I have an account associated with [email address #1], and another account associated with [email address #2].  Please merge these into my account associated with [email address #1 or #2].

Once your accounts have been merged, all submissions from both accounts will appear in the remaining single account.

What to expect:

  • Saved Drafts from the old account will not be merged to the new account.

  • Messages attached to submissions that appeared in the old account will not appear in the new account. 


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