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Why is there a charge from Submittable on my credit card?
Why is there a charge from Submittable on my credit card?

You have submitted to an organization that uses Submittable to collect content and fees.

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Submittable provides software to thousands of organizations for accepting and managing online submissions.

Why are you charging me? 

Organizations may charge a fee for submitting (application fees, contest fees, etc). Submittable collects these payment on behalf of organizations and then distributes the payments back to them. The credit card charge indicates that you paid to submit to one of our partner organizations.

What exactly did I pay for? 

If you do not recall using Submittable, you can sign into your account and review your submission history. You can also remove credit card information from your profile.

Still have questions? 

If you are unable to sign in, or if you still have questions about the charge, please contact our support team and we will be happy to look up the information for you. If possible, please have the last four numbers of the credit card handy. 


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