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How can I view Income Reports?
How can I view Income Reports?

Use the Reports feature to track your paid submission and add-on fees.

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Submittable enables level 4 and 5 team members to see the paid submissions that your organization receives each month, along with an accounting of your net proceeds for each submission and a total dollar amount for each month. Each monthly total corresponds to the amount your organization receives/received as a payout from Submittable for that time period.
To access your Income Report, follow these steps:

1. Sign into your organization account, then click on the Reports dropdown at the top of the page. Select Standard Reports.

2. On the Reports page, select Other Reports, then click on Income in the dropdown list.

3. Select the month you want to view.

4. The report for that month will appear. From here, you can click on the Submission Name to find more information.

5. In the example above, after clicking the Submission Name, click on Info to see the submitter and payment information:


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