After you've sent additional forms, you can track them by clicking on Forms, then clicking on Additional Forms on the left side of the page: 

This will bring you to a list of all the Additional Forms you have created and sent. To the right of each form title you can see how many forms have been sent. Click on the this link to see current information about these sent forms.

You can rescind the form at any time by clicking on Rescind Form on the right hand column of any form in the list.

The status of an additional form will show as one of the following:

SENT: The form has been sent.
STARTED: The form has been received and the applicant has begun working on it, but has not yet submitted it.
COMPLETED: The form has been completed and submitted by the applicant. Note: A notification email will be sent to your organization's main account email address once a submitter has completed an Additional Form.
RESCINDED: The form was sent and rescinded by the organization. It can no longer be accessed by the recipient.

You can also check the status of an additional form by locating the submission associated with it in the Submissions List. A submission for which an additional form was sent will have an Additional Form icon located to the far right of the submission:

Click the icon to see what additional forms were requested for this submission, and whether the submitter has submitted them back to you.

Note: A blue clipboard icon (see above) indicates a returned additional form. A gray clipboard icon (see below) indicates a sent additional form.


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