After you've sent additional forms, you can track them by clicking on Forms, then Additional Forms:

You'll see the list of all the additional forms you have created. Click the Manage Additional Form Requests link:

The main view will show you all the requests you have sent using the additional form, even if you've reused it for different projects in your account. The status of an additional form will show as one of the following:

SENT: The additional form has been sent.
STARTED: The form has been received and the applicant has begun working on it but has not yet completed it.
COMPLETED: The form has been completed by the applicant. Note: A notification email will be sent to your organization's main account email once a submitter has completed an additional form.
RESCINDED: The additional form was rescinded by the organization. The recipient can no longer access it.

You can toggle between Sent and Scheduled requests:

You can also click Show Filters to filter by projects, status, deadline, and date sent:

Select one or more of the requests, then the Action box to perform different actions:

From the submission list view, you can see the history of additional forms next to each submission. A blue clipboard icon indicates a completed additional form. A gray clipboard icon indicates a sent additional form:

Click the clipboard icon to see what additional forms were requested for this submission and whether the submitter has completed them:

Please note: Additional forms that have been sent and completed cannot be rescinded.

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