If you're creating a Multiple Response, Single Response, or Dropdown form field question that you know will have a long list of potential response choices - such as a list of states, countries, or professions - you can upload a prepared list of choices from a .csv or .xlsx spreadsheet. For example, it you're going to ask your submitters their current profession, you can create an Excel spreadsheet with a long list of options, then upload this list into a dropdown or multiple response field, so that each field in your spreadsheet list becomes a potential response for the question.

Long lists can be added to the following form fields:

Dropdown List - Creates a list of response choices of any length that is viewed as a dropdown when clicked. The dropdown list helps save space on your form.

Single Checkbox - Provides a single checkbox accompanied by a textual statement. This form field is often used to ask submitters to acknowledge a stated condition by checking the box.

Multiple Response - Enables the creation of a list of choices from which a submitter can choose one or more of the answers provided.

At the bottom of the three default option fields, click Upload a List. Select a prepared list from your computer files. 

Here is an example of what a long list spreadsheet might look like in Excel. This is a list of professional categories.

Once the .csv or .xlsx file has been uploaded, the selections in the spreadsheet will populate the list.


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