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How can I send an Additional Form?
How can I send an Additional Form?

Send an Additional Form after you've created it.

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Additional Forms give you the ability to send a new form to a submitter or applicant. They are a great way to follow up, request a progress report, or conduct a survey.

After you've created an Additional Form, you can send it by selecting the submissions you're sending it to from your Submissions List. Click on Additional Forms in the bar at the top of your list.

A dialog box will appear. Select the additional form you want to send from the dropdown at the top of the dialog box, then complete the rest of the fields in the box. When you're done, click Send Additional Form.

Note: You can also send Additional Forms from within the submission details page of a specific submission. On the submissions details page, select More>Send Additional Form. The additional form will go only to this submitter and will remain connected to this submission.

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