Submittable no longer supports Internet Explorer 11, and you may run into problems with our platform when using this browser. This could include file-upload issues, as well as an inability to receive crucial security and functionality updates. You may encounter some of these issues with the Edge browser, as well. 

If you are currently using IE 11, we recommend switching to a better supported browser, such as:

 - Google's Chrome
 - Mozilla's Firefox
 - Apple's Safari

Please be sure that your computer's system software is up to date, to ensure that your browser runs as efficiently as possible. 

More on IE:
In 2015, Microsoft released their Edge browser as an upgrade to Internet Explorer. Subsequently, in 2016, they announced plans to gradually phase out support for earlier versions of Internet Explorer (IE8,IE9,IE10). While Microsoft has plans to continue support for IE11 throughout the remainder of its Lifecycle Policy, many organizations, Submittable included, do not plan to continue developing platform support around it, in anticipation of Microsoft's eventual complete conversion to their Edge Browser.

As fewer of our users continue to use IE11, Submittable is removing support for IE11 in order to focus software development and support efforts on the most popular browsers with the most up-to-date web functionality.  

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