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How can I check on the status of my reference request?
How can I check on the status of my reference request?

Check to see if your chosen references have sent in supporting documents on your behalf and resend the request if necessary.

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If you have submitted an application that asked you to provide references or other providers of supporting documents on your behalf, you will receive a notification email when your document provider uploads any supporting materials. 

If you have not yet received this notification and would like to resend the request to your reference or document provider, you can do this by following these steps:

1. Sign into your account and click on the submission that contains the supporting document request.

2. Click on the Forms tab:

3. Open the Initial Form, and scroll through the application until you see the reference area. Below the supporting document field, you will see an option to Resend Request:

Click on it, and a new request will be sent to your document provider, reminding them to submit materials on your behalf.

If the document has already been received, you will see an indication that says so, along with the date that it was received:

Please note: If you need to rescind or change the reference request, you must contact the organization and request that they open the reference form for editing.

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