Submittable enables you to sync your organization's account with Salesforce for a fast, reliable integration between your submission process and your customer relationship management (CRM). Our Salesforce integration automatically passes data from your Submittable forms to your organization's Salesforce account. Our team works directly with you to implement this integration.  

Key Points

  • Any form data from Submittable can be used to create or update standard or custom objects within Salesforce.
  • Initial setup and configuration will be handled manually to ensure proper field mapping.
  • In 2019, the configuration will be managed through a user interface on the Submittable site.

Technical Information 

  • The connection uses OAuth2 to access customer sObjects (Salesforce objects) and configurations.
  • A JSON-based pathway moves data into the appropriate sObjects.
  • We utilize logging to ensure the data is transferred successfully. The connection will rerun in the event of any failures or exceptions.


  • It takes 1 to 3 months to implement the integration, depending on the complexity of your organization’s application.

If you'd like to add Salesforce integration to your organization's account, please contact

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