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How do I set up my organization's Public Profile?
How do I set up my organization's Public Profile?

Create or edit your organization's Public Profile.

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Every organization with a Submittable account has a Public Profile page with settings that configure the way your organization's account functions and is viewed by Submittable's users. You will want to make sure the information you add here is accurate and current. Below you will find instructions about how to access this page, along with explanations about what information goes where and how it will affect the functions in your account. These settings will help give your submitters and team members the best experience possible, so you will want to give them careful consideration.

Access your Public Profile by clicking the More menu at the top of the page, then selecting Account from the dropdown list.  

  • Name: This is the name of your organization. Your submitters will see this in any email communications you send. Your organization's name will also appear at the top of your landing page if you choose not to upload a header image.

  • Website URL: This text box is for your organization's website address. Submitters will be directed to the URL entered here when they click on the Success! page after successful submission. There will also be a link to this URL on your Submittable public landing page.

  • Organizational Email: This is the email address that will receive notifications from Submittable, such as when you receive a new submission that is not auto-assigned to other team members. It will also be the default "Send from" email address when you contact team members and submitters from within the platform.

  • Privacy Contact Email: The address entered here should be for one of your Submittable account administrators who can address submitter concerns about privacy, should any arise. For example, a submitter might want to delete their submission and will reach out to you through this email address to make that request.

  • General Guidelines: The information entered here will appear below your header on your landing page and generally applies to your organization and all of your forms. You also have the ability to create more specific guidelines for each individual form you create.  

  • Time Zone: Your form deadlines will be based on this setting, so it should correspond to your primary business location. Please select accordingly. 

  • Require Address: This feature automatically inserts pre-populated address fields at the start of your form, so you don't have to ask submitters to manually add this information within a form. The information will be viewable from the Submission Details page when you click on the Info icon in the upper right area of the page. All reviewers will be able to see submitter contact information unless they are reviewing submissions with concealed responses, in which case submitter information will be hidden. Information provided through the Require Address feature will also be available in reports

  • Twitter Handle: Enter your organization's Twitter handle if you choose to enable the optional social media icons on your forms as well as on your Success! page.

  • Facebook URL: Enter your organization's Facebook page URL if you choose to enable the optional social media icons on your forms as well as your Success! page.

  • Enable Calendar: You can optionally add a Publication Date to submissions and view a calendar of accepted submissions ordered and grouped by publication date.  Checking the box will allow you to use this feature.

  • Enable Submitter Messaging: Submitter messaging is turned on by default for your account. This allows submitters to contact you regarding their submissions. If you would like to disable submitters' ability to initiate messages, you can uncheck this box, however, we do not recommend this. You can learn more about Submittable's in-platform messaging here

  • Allow Edit Requests: This feature is turned on by default with every new account. When this feature is turned on, submitters will see an Edit option when viewing a completed submission. This enables a submitter to send you an automated email request to open their submission for editing. Allowing edit requests does not automatically give the submitter permission to edit; it's just a simple way for them to make the request, which organizations may or may not accept. You can find more information about how to allow your submitters to edit submissions here.

  • Enable Social Media: If this box is checked, icons will appear in the upper right corner of your submission forms, allowing submitters to directly share the form link to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or by email. Social media links will also appear on your Success! page when this box is checked.

  • Google Analytics Tracking ID - Enter a Google Analytics ID number to start tracking your Submittable data. There is more information about setting up Google Analytics here.

    Note: Be sure to save your settings or changes by clicking the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page before leaving the page.

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