General Guidelines for your organization should be considered information that applies generally to your organization, as well as any information that applies to all of the forms you are offering. We recommend including the following types of information in your General Guidelines:

  • Information about your organization and what types of submissions you're seeking.
  • Information to prepare first-time submitters for setting up a Submittable account.         • You might want to include this Help article about how to submit.
  • Information about submission cycles (e.g., come back on June 1st to apply for...).
  • Formatting requirements for all submissions.

Note that General Guidelines are a different set of instructions from Form/Project Guidelines. Form/Project Guidelines will be entered for an individual form or project as you create it, and should include details specific to that form, such as:
     • Eligibility requirements
     • Timelines and Deadlines
     • Information about how the submission will be judged

Note: Organizations using our original form engine will enter guidelines in the Forms area of the platform. Organizations using our new form engine will enter guidelines in the Projects area of the platform.

Form/Project Guidelines will be seen when a submitter clicks on the form to begin their submission, or clicks on the dropdown arrow to the right of a form title on your portal page.

General Guidelines are entered or edited on your organization's public profile page by going to More > Account.

Form/Project Guidelines are entered under the General Settings tab for a particular form when you are creating or editing it.

Both Form/Project Guidelines and General Guidelines have a limit of 30,000 characters. Here's a screenshot of what brief but helpful General Guidelines might look like to submitters when viewing your portal page:


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