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How does Submittable's Dashboard work?
How does Submittable's Dashboard work?

Use Submittable's Dashboard feature to quickly visualize important data about your submissions.

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Submittable's Dashboard feature is designed to give you a fast and easy set of visual data to help you quickly understand the makeup of your submissions, monitor your team's review progress, and recognize submission trends. Dashboard also provides several options to download and print out both visual and spreadsheet-based data.

To use Dashboard, follow these steps:

1. Click on Reports > Dashboard.

2. Select the Project you want to analyze from the Projects dropdown list.

3. Set a date range. Note: The default date range is set for the last 30 days only. Be sure to change the dates to match those of your Project's life in order to capture data for all submissions. Once you do this, you will see the total number of submissions that came into the form during that time.

Note: All submissions in the Project must be Active (not Archived) in order for data to display.

The Submission Reviews bar shows you how many of your assigned reviews have been completed, and will give you a quick sense of whether or not it's the right time to send a reminder out to your reviewers letting them know that there is still work to do.

The Submissions Over Time chart shows how many submissions came in and at what time. This visual is useful for recognizing days, weeks, and times of day when there is the most or least submission activity. You can zoom in on any part of this chart by clicking and dragging across a period of time you want to magnify, as shown in the example below.

The Submission By Label pie chart will show you a breakdown of submissions according to identifying label. For example, if you use the Auto Label feature to collect information about submitters' ages in your form, you can quickly see how the responses break down based on the auto labels that were applied.

The Submission by Status pie chart will show you a breakdown of how many submissions are currently in each status.

Submissions and review progress are reflected for your team in real time, so your Dashboard will always be current for all your account administrators.

You also have the ability to download any of the Dashboard charts in multiple formats. Click on the bars in the upper right corner of any chart to view in full screen, print, or download dashboard charts as a .png image, .jpeg image, .pdf, document, or .svg vector image. You can download any of the same data in a spreadsheet format (.csv or .xlsx files).

How do I add the Dashboard feature to my account?

If you are in a Custom Plan, Dashboard will be automatically added to your account. For all other plan types, please contact our Account Management team here. They’ll be happy to go over your options and talk to you more about how this feature can improve your processes.

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