The Draft Submissions feature enables you to view how many people have begun an application or submission for each of your live forms in real-time, but who have not yet actually submitted it. You can send these would-be submitters a customized message with any relevant information about the form (i.e., you are extending your deadline) or simply remind them to complete their submission before the form deadline arrives.

If a submitter or applicant has begun to fill out a form, you can assume they're interested in your call. The Draft Submissions feature is an easy and efficient way to communicate with this group of potential submitters. Note that submitters may only have one draft in progress for a particular form; they may not start multiple drafts, and an initial draft must be completed and submitted before another draft can be started for the same Project/Form.

Follow these steps to send a message using Draft Submissions:

1. Click More > Draft Submissions. You will see a list of your live forms that have draft submissions. Note that while you can see how many people have started a draft (in the Drafts column), you will not be able to see their email addresses at this point. This is to preserve submitter privacy until they have submitted.

2. Select the forms that have saved drafts for which you want to send reminders.

3. Click on the Send Reminder button. A dialog box will open:

Fill in the Subject line, then enter your specific message in the Message box.

4. Click Send Message(s).

5. Individuals who have started a saved draft for your form will receive an email that looks like the one below. The email will include your message, along with a button that will take them directly to their saved draft to review and complete it.

6. On your Draft Submissions page, you’ll see a record of the dates of all reminders you send using this tool under the Reminders Sent column.

Every reminder you send will be received by all current draft holders. This means that if you send multiple messages, individuals who received your initial message(s)—and who still have not completed their draft—will receive another draft reminder email. Because of this, you may want to limit the number of times you send reminders.

Note: To protect user privacy, organizations do not have access to the content of any draft submissions or submitter contact information until saved drafts are submitted.

How do I add Draft Submissions to my account?

If you are in a Custom Plan, Draft Submissions are automatically included with your account. If you don't see the Draft Submissions feature in your account, please contact our Account Management team here for information on how to add this feature.

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