Checking the Live checkbox for a form will make it active and available on your Submittable portal. You can also configure the visibility and accessibility of your live form with additional General Settings.  

  • Making a form Live with the start date set to a future date will make your form accessible only to your organization's administrators for submission testing until the start date. When the start date arrives, it will become available on your public Submittable page. Start and expiration dates are set in the General Settings tab in the Form Designer area.

  • Making a form Live and Hidden will make it available only to people with a direct link that only you can provide. Anyone with access to the direct link can submit.  If your form has Discover tags, it will be searchable. 

  • Making a form Live and Hidden with a start date in the future will allow account administrators to see and submit with a direct link to the form. When the start date arrives, anyone with the direct link will be able to access the form and submit. 

  • If the Live button is not checked, account administrators can see and edit the form, but no one can access the form from your public portal until the Live box is checked.


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