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Automated Scoring for Forms
Automated Scoring for Forms

Use Rating Fields in your forms to create

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Automated Scoring is a feature included in certain form fields. These fields can be used in all forms, letting you assign a numeric value to a submitter's answers. This value, or score, can then be viewed in the submission details view.

  • If you use a Single Rating, Multiple Rating, or Dropdown Rating field in your form, you can assign a score to each of the options. The score can be any numerical value you want.

  • The score is hidden from the viewer, which helps prevent the score from influencing the user's answer.

  • The system will automatically tally the scores and categorize them as Review scores and Submission Form scores.

    • Review scores originate from reviewer input, and appear in the Submissions List.

    • Submission Form scores come from the answers the submitter provides and can be accessed from the Submission Details view.

    • If you have multiple rating fields that contribute to the score, you will only be able to see the total score from the Submission Details view.

There are many ways to use Automated Scoring in your project. You can use the rating fields in a Review Form, letting your reviewers quickly assess the quality of the submission.

Alternatively, you could include a set of rating fields in an Initial Form that lets your organization prioritize responses based on the submitter's answers.

Set-up Automated Scoring

  1. Click on Forms, then select the form type you want to create. In this example, we'll create a Review Form.

  2. Click +New Form

  3. Drag in a Single Rating, Multiple Rating, or Dropdown Rating field.

  4. The example below shows a Single Rating field.

    1. In the title field, enter "Please rate the overall quality of this submission."

    2. In the column to the left, enter the values the user will see. Next to these, enter the numerical score each answer will give.

      Please note that these scores are completely arbitrary, but will be averaged to give an overall score.

      Use the values below for this example.

When a reviewer completes the Review Form, they will see the question in the following format.

Note: The user will not see the score when they complete the review.

Viewing Automated Scores


If you have Team Permissions of level 3 or higher, you can view the submission scores of any submission assigned to you.

If you have Level 4 or 5 Team Permissions, you can view all submission scores for your organization.

See Review Scores in the Submission List

If you are using Automated scoring in a review form, you can see the average score for a Submission in the Submissions list. The average score of all completed reviews will be shown in the column to the left of the Submission title:

Note: Reference form scores will not affect the score of the Parent form.

See Review Scores in the Submission Details page

In the right panel of the Submission Details page, select the Reviews tab. Both the Total and Average Score will appear.

You can either download all reviews or download individual reviews as a .CSV file by clicking on the download icon.

See Automated Score in Submission Details

You can view the Submission Form Scores from the Submission Details view.

  • To view all scores in a submission, select the Submission Form Scores link next to the Submission title in the Submission Details view.

  • A tab will appear showing the submission's average score for each form. Select the Download .CSV link to download the scores.

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