With Submittable's budget tracking tool, level 5 administrators can record and track your organization's fund distribution to applicants. Everything about the Funds tool is designed to make the process of awarding and distributing funds easy and transparent. You can verify the dollar amount available in a specific fund or check the giving capacity of the whole organization. 

Funds is the perfect tool for:

  • Grant organizations tracking awards and payments to their grantees

  • Academic institutions tracking scholarships and fellowships

  • Companies managing corporate giving programs

  • Contests awarding cash prizes

  • Incubators and accelerators funding entrepreneurial programs

  • Organizations ensuring adherence to campaign budgets

How to set up fund tracking:

  1.  At the top of your organization's page, click Funds.

   2.  Click the + New Fund button.

  3.  Enter the Fund Name, Fund Amount, and Fund Description.

4.  Click Create Fund.

5.  All your currently tracked funds will appear on your Funds page, showing total available amounts, funds awarded, and funds already paid.

To designate total awards and payments from the submission details page, follow these steps:

1. Click on a submission from your Submission List.

2. In the column to the right, click on the Funds tab.

3. Clicking the Funds tab will show you all award and/or payment activity for this applicant. To make a new award or payment, click + New Transaction.

4.  Select Awarded or Paid in the Status dropdown, select the fund to withdraw from, the amount to award or pay, and add a description in the text box provided. 

Note: Awarded refers to total money to be paid, and Paid refers to money actually paid.

5. Click Save. After you do this, you will see the new recorded transaction in the Funds column.

Note: You can edit or delete any fund transaction by clicking on the icons in the lower right corner of each transaction.

Interested in adding Funds to your organization's account? Contact our Account Management team here.


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