The Projects area is where you will build your submission calls. It will hold your submission and review forms. To build Projects, you first need to prepare the Initial Form. This form may be stored and reused for multiple Projects, or it can be edited to conform to the specific needs of a Project.

To build an Initial Form, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Forms at the top of the page in your Submittable account. 

    2. Click + New Form on the right side of the page. 

    3. In the Initial Form Designer, type over the default information to give your form a name. This name might be the same as your Project name.

    4. Click the Add Submission Name Field box to include a unique identifier for each submission, such as the title of the work. Leave this box unchecked to automatically assign a numerical value to each submission.

    5. Select up to three fields for your submissions. Each of the fields can be named, limited as to character or word content, and/or edited to include additional information. As you work, you can drag the fields to place them, or delete and select different fields.

    6. Save your form.

    7. Return to the Forms page. 

Set Up a Project

   1. Click on Projects at the top of the page. Then click + New Project on the right side of the page. 


 2. On the General Settings tab, enter the name of your Project. This name might be the same as the form you just built.

   3. Enter the General Guidelines of your project. This information will appear before the link to Apply or Submit. Use the formatting tools to make your text stand out, or to attach files, images, or video.

   4. Select the Form that will be used in the Project

   5. Enter the Starts On and Expires On dates of your Project and the desired times of day.

   6. Check the Hidden box if you want the form to be Hidden from public view.

   7. Add up to five search tags for the public Discover feature (optional, you can add these at any time).

   8. Check the Live box to make your Project live, subject to date and time selections (you might want to leave this box unchecked while you build and test your Project).

   9. Save your Project and select Keep Editing to move to the top of the page.

Assignments and Notifications

Click the Assignments and Notifications tab. These settings will determine the review team members’ permissions as well as the notifications submitters will receive. 

   1. Set a Concealed Threshold Level to remove identifying information about the submitter from the reviewer's view. Any team member at or below this level will not be able to see the submitter's name or the cover letter.

   2. Default Note Visibility: Choose the default visibility level for notes entered in the Submission Details page. Assigned Team: Note is visible to all team members with access to the submission (default). Admins Only: Note is only visible to the team member who created it and Level 4 and 5 team members.

   3. Auto-Assigned Team Member(s): All submissions will be automatically assigned to the team members selected here.

   4. Receive an email alert for each submission?: Checking this box will email an alert for every submission received for this project. The email will be sent to all of the team members specified above, or to your organization's primary email address if there are no assigned team members.

   5. Under Choose an auto-response, a link will take you to the page where you can view and edit response templates. 

Click on the Default Accept Letter. Type over the default information to name your template (or leave it as is). The response type is Accept. On the Template Subject and Template Body, placeholder tags have been added by default. You can move, remove, or add more from the tags offered at the end of the form. Repeat these actions on the other templates in this group. You can also create your own by clicking Create a response template.

Create Your Review Team

At the top of the page, click More, then Team. Click on + Add Member in the upper right area to open the Invite a Team Member page.

Review the Permissions Legend on the right before selecting a Level for a team member. Add a title (optional) and their email address. A notification will be sent to the team member's email address. When they click the link in the notification and sign in using their Submittable account, they will see everything their permission level allows. Continue until you have up to 5 members on your review team. 

Add Your Look & Feel

Move to the top of the page and click More, then Configurations, then Look & Feel. Here you can add your logo to the Header Image area and select colors to show on your submission page.

Save your Look and Feel.

Launch Your Call for Submissions

Click on the View Site button in the upper right corner to check your work as you edit. Make some tests and double-check your form. Be sure to make your form Live in General Settings. 

When your Project is finalized, you are ready to launch your call for submissions!

We look forward to making your submissions process work perfectly for you.

-The Submittable Team

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