When you receive a new submission, you will see it in your Submissions List with the New status. Note: Submitters will see these new submissions marked as Received in their submission list.

Note: Sometimes organizations mistakenly mark incoming submissions as Accepted, believing that this status is meant simply to acknowledge receipt of a submission. Please be sure to avoid this action. The Accepted status is intended to be applied to submissions only after they have been reviewed and approved for advancement.

Terminal statuses are Accepted, Declined, and Completed. These statuses indicate that a submission has reached the end of the review process.

Once a New submission has been handled in some way - assigned, commented on, labeled, or a message generated to the submitter - the status of that submission automatically changes to In-Progress status. Below please find a summary list of what each submission status indicator means.

  • New: A submission has been successfully received by your organization and is as yet un-handled.
  • In-Progress: A submission has been received and additionally handled in some way (e.g. assigned, commented on, message sent to the submitter etc.) A submission will remain In-Progress until it is changed to a Terminal status by a level 4 or 5 team administrator. 
  • Declined: A submission has been declined. Declined is a terminal status and is meant to indicate that it has been reviewed and was determined not to be published or otherwise move forward in your organization's review process.
  • Accepted: This is  a terminal status indicating a submission has been accepted for for publication or other form of advancement after being reviewed.
  • Completed: A submission has been processed and is no longer being considered. (Note: Some organizations prefer to use this status instead of Declined for situations like large, public contests, in which, for example, they've publicly announced the winners online and would prefer not to Decline remaining submissions.) The Completed status is also useful for submissions that are not necessarily being evaluated, but are simply being processed with a workflow that is not appropriate for an Accept/Decline workflow.
  • Withdrawn: A submission has been withdrawn from consideration by either the submitter or organization.
  • Editable: A submission is currently open for editing, and any responses may be changed by the submitter. Only level 4 or 5 team members can change submissions to Editable status. If a submission has been opened for editing, the submitter can close the submission for editing once they have completed any changes under the Editable status.

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