Literary journals were our first customers. In light of this, we offer a special plan for members of the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP). 

How can you become a CLMP member?

Go to CLMP’s website and sign up today. Once you’ve joined, you’ll be eligible for Submittable's discounted CLMP member rates. 

Submittable and the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP)  have developed a low-cost, flexible subscription plan available exclusively to members of CLMP. The plan for new customers costs $29/month or $290/year, which is a deep discount off of regular pricing.

The plan includes:

• 8 team seats — with the option to add team seats at $2 per month per additional team seat, with a maximum of 60 team seats.

• 500 free submission per month (customers on the annual plan receive 3,000 submissions per year) — with the option to add 250 submissions per month for an additional $25 per month. NOTE: There is no limit for submissions that require fees, but there is a $.99 processing fee per transaction, plus a 5% charge per entry fee amount. For more information, see Submittable’s Terms of Service on the signup page.

• 6 projects (with 5 form fields per form) and over 30 additional features, including GDRP, FERPA, ADA, WAG 2.0, and PCI compliance.

• CLMP Members who opt for a customized plan with Submittable receive a 20% discount.

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