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How can I add fees throughout my Form?
How can I add fees throughout my Form?

Use the Add Payment form field option to collect fees and payments in a variety of form field types.

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Submittable enables organizations to automatically charge fees that are calculated according to how a form is filled out and what a submitter has selected throughout the form. For example, if you're offering an optional number of submissions for your contest or call, you may want to charge a base fee for the first submission plus additional fees for each added entry. Fees may be applied to both Initial and Additional Forms.

Submittable processes fees through Stripe and Paypal.

Setting Up a Submission Fee

Set a submission fee in the Add Submission Fee area that appears at the top of the form. This fee will be the minimum charge for any submission.

Other form fields offer the option to attach an additional fee that will automatically calculate according to the field entry.

Adding Fees to a Dropdown List

1. Drag a Dropdown List into your form.

2. Click Field Options at the bottom of the field.

3. Check the Add Payment box.

4. For each option, you can enter an accompanying fee and select the currency type.

5.  Fees can be collected in Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Euros, British Pounds, New Zealand Dollars, U.S. Dollars, or Chinese Renminbi Yuan. Note: Forms only support the use of one currency. Changing the currency for any selection will update the currency for all payment fields in the form.

Note: If you are operating outside the United States, please take into account that these transactions are subject to the exchange rate at the moment of the initial payment and at the time of remittance (when Submittable pays out your collected fees each month).

Adding Fees to a Single Checkbox

  1. Drag a Single Checkbox field into your form.

  2. Enter your text into the text area next to the checkbox.

  3. Click Field Options at the bottom of the field. Check the Add Payment box.

  4. Enter the amount to be charged if the box is checked.

  5. Enter any Additional Information into the box provided to explain the purpose of the checkbox field.

Adding Fees to Multiple & Single Response Fields

  1. Drag a Multiple or Single Response field into your form.

  2. Complete the field with text entries for the fields' checkboxes.

  3. Click Field Options at the bottom of the field. Select Add Payment.

  4. Enter the amount to be charged per each checkbox selection.

Adding Fees to a File Upload Field

  1. Drag a File Upload field into your form.

  2. Click Field Options at the bottom of the field, and check the Add Payment box.

  3. Select the number of files allowed for upload. You have the option to allow up to 74 files per field.

  4. Enter the amount to be charged per file uploaded to the field.

  5. Enter the amount of payment required for each uploaded file.

You can also use Submittable's Form Logic feature in conjunction with Smart Fees to create dynamic tier-structured pricing. For example, you can create scaling fee discounts for variable amounts of file uploads. In the screenshot below, form logic is being used to create discounted pricing structures for 1-2 files, 3-5 files, and 6-10 files.

Adding Fees to a Number Field

  1. Drag a Number field into your form.

  2. Click Field Options at the bottom of the field.

  3. Enter the amount required per item.

  4. Set a minimum and a maximum number of items, if desired.

What Will Submitters See?

When submitters have completed a form, the final payment amount will be calculated according to their responses and they will see a payment summary at the end of the form:

Finding Submissions with Additional Fees

Additional fee information can be found in your Income Report (Reports>Standard Reports>Other Reports>Income). If you are looking for a way to identify submissions that have paid additional fees, you can use auto labels to identify that those fields have been used.

Click Field Options at the bottom of the field to which you want to add an Auto Label. Check the Auto Label box. Select Use field value as label or Use custom label.

Depending on your choice, the label applied will either display the same text as the question response, or it will display the custom label you've set up:

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