Shareable Reviews enables level 4 and 5 organization administrators to share reviews, or portions of reviews attached to a particular submission, with submitters. Organizations can choose to share reviews individually from within the Submission Details page, or in bulk from the Submission List page.

To share reviews with submitters, follow these steps:

  1. Click Forms > Review Forms

  2. When creating your review form, you must first mark each field that you want to make shareable. Each review form field includes a field option to Make Shareable. Check this box for any fields that you plan to share.

Note: When creating a review form, you will see an eye icon next to each field that has been made shareable. It will look like this:

3. When completing a review, reviewers will also be able to see an eye icon next to any questions they answer which may be shared.

3. When completing a review, you can click Save Draft to save any completed answers with the ability to return to the review and finish it later. Reviewers will not have the ability to edit their reviews after they have clicked Submit to finalize their review.

4. Once reviews have been submitted, and you are ready to share them, click on a submission in your Submissions List. Click the Reviews tab at the top of the information column to the right of submission. Below the review data, click the link to Share review with submitter.

A dialog box will appear that shows the message the submitter receives when you share the review. Click the pencil icon in the upper right corner to edit the message.

5. To share reviews with multiple submitters at once, select submissions by checking the checkboxes to left of submission titles in the Submissions List. Click the Other dropdown in the Submissions List navigation bar. Select Share Review Feedback.

6. After a review has been shared, you will see a record of the event in the activity column.


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