*Please note: this article refers to features associated with Submittable's new form engine, and may or may not be applicable to your organization's account. Please contact our support team with any questions.

Custom Auto Labels enable you to customize text for auto-labels.  If you are using the Auto Label feature found in the Field Options area, you can choose to apply an auto-label based on the direct text from the reply. Or, you may enter in a text label that will be generated with a corresponding response.

To apply an auto-label that uses the field text/value directly:

  1. Click Field Options at the bottom of the field to which you want to add an Auto Label. Check the Auto Label box. Select Use field value as label.

The label applied will consist of the exact same text as the question response. So, for example, if you are asking for an applicant's gender, and the response options are simply male and female, a corresponding label of male or female will be applied to the submission based on the response.

To apply a custom auto-label:

  1. Click Field Options at the bottom of your field. Check the Auto Label box.
  2. Select Use custom label as label.

3. An entry box will appear to the right of your response options. Type your desired label over the Add Label... prompt as shown below. In this instance, the yes response will apply a label that says previously published, and the no response will apply a label that says not previously published.

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