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How can I withdraw one of my pieces from a multi-piece submission?
How can I withdraw one of my pieces from a multi-piece submission?

When an organization asks for multiple files in a single submission, you can notify them when one of the pieces has been accepted elsewhere.

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Some organizations set up their submission forms to accept multiple pieces (e.g., poems, stories, images) in one submission form. If part of your submission is accepted elsewhere, or if you need to remove a single piece from consideration for any other reason, you don't need to withdraw the entire submission.

You can simply contact the organization and let them know. Most submitters will say something like, “Hi editors. My flash piece “X” has been accepted elsewhere. Thanks for considering my other work.” 

If an organization chooses to allow submitters to message them, you can send messages or inquiries about particular submissions within the Submittable platform. To contact these organizations directly, click on the title of the submission on your My Submissions page and select the "Messages" tab. There, you will see a black button that reads "New Message." Your message will go directly to the administrative team of the organization to which you made the submission. 

If you don't see this option, you'll need to reach out to the organization outside of Submittable. We recommend visiting the organization's website or its social media pages to find contact information. To protect data privacy, Submittable does not give out contact information for the organizations that use our platform.

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