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Collaboration for Submissions
Collaboration for Submissions

Organizations can allow multiple users to collaborate on applications.

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Collaboration on forms is a powerful tool that allows multiple Submittable users to work on a submission together while signing in from their separate accounts. Organizations can allow collaboration on drafts on a project basis, which means the feature can be activated for only the projects that you choose to make collaborative.

Project Collaboration

To enable submitter collaboration for a Project:

  1. Click Projects.

  2. Select the Project for which you want to enable collaborations.

  3. Check the Enable Collaborations checkbox on the General Settings tab:

When viewing a submission that has been prepared with collaboration, you will see the collaborators listed beneath the primary submitter name on the submission details page:

Administrators and reviewers can send messages to the primary submitter as well as any collaborators through the messaging tool. Collaborator names will appear at the end of the recipient selection dropdown:

Collaboration after Opening for Editing

In order to allow collaboration after a submission has been opened for editing, the submission must be for a project that has collaboration enabled. Open the submission form for editing:

The submitter will invite and communicate with collaborators. When the submission has been resubmitted, you will see the collaborator email addresses:

  • Collaborators will be among those you can message within this submission. They will appear along with the submitter and any team members assigned to the submission.

  • Collaboration cannot occur within Fraud Prevention form fields.

Collaboration is available by request. If you’re interested in adding this feature, please contact our Account Management team.

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