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How can I invite people to collaborate with me on a submission?
How can I invite people to collaborate with me on a submission?

Submittable's submitter collaboration tool enables groups of applicants to work together on collective applications.

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Submittable now lets organizations choose if they want to allow their submitters to work on submissions together. If organizations allow this, you will see an option to Invite Collaborators:

Click on Invite Collaborators. A Dialog box will appear, asking you to enter the email addresses of your collaborators. Enter those addresses, then click Invite.

Invited collaborators will receive an email, letting them know you've invited them to collaborate on a draft submission using Submittable.

After you've sent invitations to collaborate, you can click on the Invite Collaborators link again anytime to see the status of your invitations. In the row for each invitee who has not yet accepted their invitation, you will see a Pending indication. There will also be a trash icon next to each person’s name so that the Submission Owner can remove anyone they no longer want collaborating on the submission.

The Submission Owner is always the person who has sent invitations, and will be the only user who can submit the application after it is completed by the group. Collaborators will be able to contribute responses and save drafts at any time.


Submission Owner/Inviter


Save Drafts









Correspond with Organization



Once one or more collaborators click on the Get Started link in the invitation email, they will either be asked to create an account (if they do not have a Submittable account), be asked to sign in (if they already have a Submittable account), or be automatically signed in to their account (if they are already logged into Submittable in another tab).

After a collaborator has signed up/signed into Submittable, they can join the same form that the Submission Owner invited them to help complete. However, the collaborator will not see an Invite Collaborator link because they do not have the ability to invite collaborators. Invited Collaborators also will not see the Submit button since only the Submission Owner can submit a collaborative submission.

If multiple collaborators are on the form at the same time, they will see both page presence and field presence for each person. Page presence is indicated by colored circles that contain users' initials, which will appear in the upper right area of the page, beneath the Invite Collaborators link.

Hovering over these icons will show the person’s full name name and email address.

Field presence  is indicated by a highlighted border around each field that shows that a person is actively editing that field. Their initials will show in the upper right hand corner of the field as well.

As the Submission Owner and other collaborators start entering data into each field, each person who is a live user on the form will see the data appear immediately. 

If collaborators are working in the same field, the person who last enters any data will have their inputs saved. The exception to this are File Uploads. The person who first uploads a file determines which file gets uploaded to a submission. For another collaborator to replace an initially uploaded file, they must first delete what was uploaded, then upload a new file. 

At any point in the collaboration process, the Submission Owner can click on either the Save Draft or Submit button at the bottom of the page. As with any submission, all required fields need to be properly completed before the Submission Owner can successfully submit.

A saved collaborative draft that is not yet submitted can be accessed by collaborators at any time by signing in to their Submittable account and clicking on the Collaborations tab in the Submission List view:

The Submission owner will continue to see collaborations under the Saved Drafts tab. Submission owners will not see collaborations under the Collaborations tab.

After a collaborative submission is successfully submitted, notification of the successful submission will be sent to the Submission Owner and all collaborators. The Submission Owner will view the submission under their All Submissions tab. Collaborators will see the submission under the Collaborations tab in their accounts.

Note: Collaborative submissions can be opened for editing. However, only the Submission Owner has the ability to edit a submission when it is in an editable state.


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