This article refers to review processes on Submittable's new form builder and is relevant for all accounts with Yes/No/Maybe Reviews or Custom Reviews created after February 7, 2020, and for all accounts with Multi-Stage Reviews. To upgrade the reviews available on your account, please contact our account management team here.


Submittable gives users the ability to create a Review Workflow within a Project, which enables your reviewers to provide feedback on submissions.

If you purchased your Submittable plan on or after February 7, 2020, you have one of three different Review Workflow options with your account:

  • All plans come with a basic Yes/No/Maybe rating system. This is a simple thumbs up / thumbs down rating system that requires just the click of a button for reviewers, and calculates votes with a +1 for thumbs up, a -1 for thumbs down, and a 0 for a "maybe" vote.

  • If you purchased Custom Reviews with your plan, level 4 and 5 organization team members have the ability to design custom review forms using Submittable's drag-and-drop form builder. Reviewers can complete reviews as submissions are assigned to them, and Custom Review Forms can be applied to your Project under the Review Workflow tab within your Project. 

  • If you purchased Multi Stage Reviews, you'll be able to set up multiple review rounds for your project's Review Workflow.

Did you purchase Submittable before February 7, 2020? 

  • Click here to learn about reviews limited to Yes/No/Maybe voting on your account.

  • Click here to learn about custom reviews on your account.

    Note: If your organization purchased the Multi-Stage Review feature prior to February 7, 2020, you currently have the ability to create multiple review stages from within your Form Designer.  

Setting up your Review Workflow

1. Go to your Projects page and click on an existing Project to edit it, or click the Add Project button to create a new Project.

2. Click the Review Workflow tab.

3. Click the +Create a Stage button.

4. Give your Review Stage a name and select the type of review you wish to use. You have the option to select Yes/No/Maybe voting, Custom Review, or Review Not Required.

5. Select the appropriate Review Form for the Review Stage. For more about creating a custom review form, click here.

6. Auto-Assign any team members you want to be automatically assigned to submissions as they come in. You can also auto-assign any Groups you have created within your team.

7. Click Save Project.

8. Auto-assigned reviewers will get an email notification when submissions are received to the Project. When reviewers sign in to complete reviews, they'll see the designated Review Form in the Reviews column to the right of each submission on the Submission Details page.


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