Submittable's enables organizations to include hyperlinks to web pages and downloadable files from within a form you've created. If you want to offer a way for submitters to click on an active hyperlink, or download a separate document that lives in your cloud storage, you can do this by including a bit of HTML in the optional Description area provided with each form field.

To include a hyperlink in your optional Description area, please do the following:

1. Copy the bit of HTML code here:

<a href="URL" target="_blank">link text</a>

2. Paste this code in the Directions wherever you would like to link to show. Enter the website address or file download target address in between the quotation marks ("") where it says URL

3. Enter the the text you want to be hyperlinked where it says link text. In the example below, the website address is, and the hyperlink text is "here".

4. When the live form is viewed by submitters, it will look like this.

Note: Clicking on the hyperlink here will open up a new web page, and leave the existing page available to complete.


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