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How can I integrate Submittable Submission Data into Salesforce?
How can I integrate Submittable Submission Data into Salesforce?

Automate the sending of Submittable submission data to Salesforce.

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** Salesforce integration is no longer sold with new accounts.**

Submittable enables organizations to integrate their Submittable submission data into their Salesforce accounts. When a submission received, the submission data will be automatically mapped to your Salesforce account. 

What types of integrations does it support?

Our Salesforce integration is currently only for 1 to 1 mapping. This means we do not currently support mapping data to multiple related objects via a Lookup. For example: 

We support this:

We do not support this:

What Submittable data can be sent through the integration?

We currently support submission data from initial forms only.  This does not include form attributes. This excludes additional forms, review data, submitter profile info, GuideStar data, and any file attachments/table fields on the initial forms.

Can I map two Submittable form fields to separate Salesforce objects and/or fields?

Yes, our integration allows for the ability to map a form field to one or many Salesforce object fields. Integration does not allow for many form fields to be mapped to one or more Salesforce object fields. For example:

We support this:

We do not support this:

How To Use

  1. Click MoreIntegrations.  

  2. If you want to log into a Sandbox account, check the Use Sandbox checkbox. If not, continue with the click Connect button.

3. This takes you to a Salesforce login page. Enter your Salesforce sign in credentials to allow access to your Salesforce data. 

4. After logging in, you'll see the main Salesforce page where all of your integrations will be shown. Note: When you first log in there will not be any integrations to see. 

 4. To add an integration click + Add Integration

5. Select a Submittable form or project (if the org is using the new forms engine) to the integration. Note: only non-integrated forms or projects will be shown in the dropdown. If you need to edit a current integration you can do this on the main Salesforce integration page.

6. Once a form has been selected, you can map your Submittable form fields to Salesforce object fields on a per object basis.

For additional detailed instructions on how to integrate your Submittable account with Salesforce, please download this document.


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