*Please note: this article refers to features associated with Submittable's new form engine, and may or may not be applicable to your organization's account. Please contact our support team with any questions.

Eligibility Forms enable organizations on Submittable's new form engine to add an eligibility step to their initial form. This ensures that only eligible applicants will be able to continue submitting an Initial Form.

To Create an Eligibilty Form, follow these steps.

  1. Click Forms > Eligibilty Forms > +New Form

2. Name your Eligibility Form.

3. Add form fields, including Text Only to provide any instructions, and Charity Check, to verify if an organization is eligible.

The Charity Check form field provides immediate information (via Guidestar/Candid) for organizations to ensure that applicants are in good standing with the IRS and are not on government watch lists. Eligibility Forms can be configured to accept only applicants with confirmed employer identification numbers and pre-determined IRS subsections. When presented with the form, applicants will be asked to enter their employer identification number (EIN).

4. When finished creating an Eligibility Form, click Save.

5. In the navigation bar at the top of the page, click Projects.

6. Select the Project title for which you are requiring an Eligibility Form.

7.  Scroll down to the drop down selection for Eligibility Form and select the desired form.

8. In the box that says Ineligible Message, enter a message for applicants to see if they are determined to be ineligible to continue the application process.

9. When applicants begin the application process, they will complete the  Eligibility Form first, after which the system will automatically determine whether or not to move them into the Initial Form associated with your Project. If they are not eligible to continue, they will see the Ineligible Message.

Questions? You can also contact support directly by filling out the form here.

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