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Why can’t I get contact information for people with draft submissions?
Why can’t I get contact information for people with draft submissions?

Our Privacy Policy prohibits sharing submitter personal information for users who have not yet submitted.

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Submittable gives organizations the ability to contact, via Submittable, anyone who may have saved a draft of a submission, in order to serve as a reminder and to encourage them to submit before any applicable deadlines. (Learn more about how to use this feature in this article.) However, an organization may not access the user’s personal information, including their name or email, until they decide to submit.

This is due to Submittable’s Privacy Policy as filed with the EU-US Privacy Shield and referenced in our Customer Terms of Service (TOS), as well as Submittable’s legal obligations under data and privacy laws, including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and FERPA. These laws and policies stipulate that Submittable may not share an end users' (submitters’) personal information without their consent. Unless and until the end user submits a submission through the platform, that user has not consented to Submittable sharing any of their personal information with third parties (organizations). In other words, starting but abandoning or failing to complete a draft submission does not constitute consent to share personal information with organizations.

Our customers are similarly obligated to abide by applicable data privacy laws under our terms. For more information, please refer to the Data Protection Addendum (DPA), Exhibit B, sections 2.1 and 3.1 in our TOS.

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