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I received a reference request. What's next? (FAQs)
I received a reference request. What's next? (FAQs)

If you received a request that you complete a reference form on Submittable and have questions, learn more here.

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Submittable is software that organizations big and small use to collect submissions and applications for all kinds of opportunities, such as grants, awards, fellowships, and more. Organizations may give their applicants the ability to ask for a reference, in which case the referee is asked to fill out a form containing supplemental information regarding the individual who is submitting to the opportunity. Read these FAQs for more information.

Who requested that I serve as a reference?

The individual applying to an opportunity asked that you serve as a reference for them, and input your email address. The individual is identified in the email you received and may have included a personal note.

How can I fill out the reference form?

Please use the link provided in the email you received to fill out the form. This will ensure that your submission goes directly to the organization. Please do not submit any material to Submittable.

I have questions about the information requested in the reference form and/or I want to know more about the opportunity.

Contact the individual who made the request or the organization to which they are applying. Submittable does not have information about the content of the form, the unique process of the organization, or the individual who requested you serve as a reference.

How do I know if my reference form was submitted?

After submitting, you will see a confirmation message flash across the top of the screen letting you know that the form was submitted successfully. If you miss the message, you can double-check by following the link from the original email again: if your form was submitted, you will be taken to view the completed form, and will no longer see the options to save or submit.

I'm having trouble uploading documents.

Be sure the file you're trying to attach to the form is one of the types that the field will accept. You can find the acceptable file types right below the field:

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