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I received a request to collaborate on Submittable. What's next? (FAQs)
I received a request to collaborate on Submittable. What's next? (FAQs)

If you received an email inviting you to collaborate on an application and have questions, learn more here.

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Organizations may give applicants the ability to add people to collaborate with them on a submission form. If you received a request to collaborate, read these FAQs for more information.

Who requested that I collaborate with them?

The individual applying to an opportunity asked that you collaborate with them. They are identified in the email you received.

How can I begin collaborating?

Use the link provided in the email you received to begin collaborating on the form. If you do not yet have a free Submittable account, you will first need to set one up.

How does collaboration work?

Submittable allows individuals to collaborate together in real-time. The initials in the top right corner indicate who is actively working on the form. You can also see field presence throughout the form if someone is filling out a particular field. Watch the video below to learn more about how collaboration on Submittable works:

I have questions about the form and/or about the opportunity.

If you have questions about the information requested in the form or about the opportunity, organization, or its process, contact the individual who invited you to collaborate or the organization to which you are applying. Our Support team will not have any information about the content of the form or the unique process of the organization.

I'm having trouble uploading documents.

Please ensure that your document is an acceptable file type, as identified in the form. Read more.

I'm having other technical trouble.

Our Support team is happy to help. Contact them here.

Why can't I submit the form?

Only the submission owner, or the person who invited you to collaborate, can submit the form.

How will I know when the form is submitted?

You will receive an email confirmation when the form is submitted.

How can I see the submitted form?

Log in to your Submittable account and go to the Collaborations tab to view the submitted form:

How can I participate after submission?

You may be asked to collaborate if the submitted form is open for editing. Check with the submission owner for more information.

How can I find out the status of the application?

As a collaborator on the form, the organization will have your contact information and may include you in email updates regarding the submission's status or other information. If you have questions about the status of the submission, please contact either the submission owner or the organization.


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