When creating a new Project, you'll want to provide submitters with some specific guidelines before they make a submission. Please note, Project Guidelines are different than General Guidelines as they should provide details about unique calls. General Guidelines are intended to provide basic overall information about your organization and mission.

You'll find a text box for entering Project Guidelines under the General Settings tab and should include details specific to that Project, such as:

• Eligibility requirements
• Timelines and Deadlines
• Information about how the submission will be judged

Project Guidelines will be seen at the top of the page when a submitter clicks on the Project to start a submission. They can also be seen by clicking on the dropdown arrow to the right of a Project title on your portal/landing page.

General Guidelines are entered or edited on your organization's public profile page by going to More > Account. These guidelines will show at the top of your landing page that lists all of your available Projects, and should include any relevant information about your organization and mission, or information that pertains to all the Projects listed on your page at any time.

Project Guidelines are entered or edited in the Project area by creating or selecting a specific Project, then clicking on the General Settings tab.


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