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How can I set a Submission Cap Limit?
How can I set a Submission Cap Limit?

Set a maximum number of submissions to receive per Project.

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Organizations have the ability to limit the number of submissions they accept per Project. Submission cap limits can be a good way to encourage timely submissions by letting applicants know that it’s an exclusive opportunity or simply to limit your team's review workload if desired.

To set a cap limit on your Project, follow the steps below:

1. Click on Projects.
2. Select a Project from your Project list.
3. Click on the General Settings tab.

Under the General Settings tab, scroll down until you see the checkbox for Set Submission Cap. Check the box and enter the submission cap limit for the Project. The image below shows a cap limit of 100. A progress bar will appear next to the setting that shows how many submissions have been received under the cap limit. When the limit is reached, the Project will automatically close.

You can choose to receive a notification to your organization's primary email once you've received a pre-determined percentage of your submission cap total. The example below is set to send a notification once 90% of the total allowed submissions have been received.

You have the option to display the submission cap limit on your organization's portal page. Displaying the set submission cap limit will prompt submitters to submit earlier instead of later to ensure inclusion in a limited submission pool. Leaving this box unchecked will hide the cap limit information from submitters.

When the Display Submission Cap box is checked, the cap limit information will appear under the title of your call on your organization's submission portal page. However, submitters will never see how many submissions have been received toward the limit.

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