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How does the Submission Name field work?
How does the Submission Name field work?

The Submission Name field can be the searchable title for your incoming submissions - or you can opt for numbering.

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When creating a Project, you'll want to pay extra attention to how you use the Submission Name field. A submitter's entry in this field will be the searchable title of their submission in your organization's Submission List. You may only use one submission name field per Project. Typically, the submission name field will be the first field you add to your form, where you might ask for information such as the submitter's name or the submission title.

If you choose not to use a Submission Name field, submissions will be assigned an auto-incremented number as they are received, starting with 0001. Instead of a text title, the submission number will display in your Submissions List under the Submission column. If your organization is running a concealed review process, you may want to exclude the Title field to help preserve submission anonymity.

Note that when generating a Standard Report for any submissions, the Submission Name field will be referred to as the Title field in this area. To include the Submission Name in a report, you will want to select the Title option when creating your report.

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