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Release Notes: August 2020
Release Notes: August 2020

New features, tweaks, and enhancements to Submittable released in August 2020 (v3.1182 - v3.1214).

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7/25/2020 - 8/28/2020 v3.1182 - v3.1214

What's new

  • New feature! Submission Caps: We recently introduced Submission Caps, a great new tool that you can use to accelerate your selection process, let your audience know that your opportunity is exclusive and could close at any time, or limit the demand upon your team in the review process. Find submission caps under general settings of your form or project today. Learn more.

  • Updates to Review Workflow activity log and reporting: It's helpful to know who did what, when, so you can now see review stage changes reflected in the activity log. We also know how much you like to slice and dice your scoring data: you can now report on both total and average scores in standard reporting, for all stages cumulatively or for a particular stage.

  • Level 3 permissions for Additional Forms: Often, Level 3 reviewers take charge in collaborating with applicants, and it would be nice if they had the ability to send them those additional forms needed to move the process along. So that's now a thing.

  • Form versioning for Review Forms: We've heard you, loud and clear: those of you on our new form engine are itching to edit your reviews! We just introduced versioning to review forms to pave the way (it's coming soon, we promise). Please note that any edits to review forms will now retroactively impact previous reviews. Learn more.

  • Add a manual submission: Like the Little Red Hen once said, sometimes, you've just got to do it yourself. You can now add a submission manually on our new form engine. Learn more.

Also Released

  • Update to Forms error messaging.

  • Manual submission improvement made to allow submitting without having to save first.

  • Date validation updated to verify manually entered dates outside the set range.

  • When multiple forms are selected in Advance Reporting, the order will no longer change.

  • Eligibility Forms added to Advanced Reporting.

  • Enhancement to quality of downloaded media files from submission detail view.

  • Submission list improved to allow additional forms to be sent immediately.

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