Submittable recently added a "WYSIWYG" ("what you see is what you get"; see image below) rich text formatting editor to our response templates in order to provide a more user-friendly way to allow all users to stylize their response templates, regardless of their technical expertise.


If you already have templates with HTML, here's what you need to know:

1. Your current templates with HTML have not been impacted.

2. Should you make any edits to your response templates on this page, your existing HTML could lose certain components.

The below HTML components will convert correctly:

<b> <i> <u> <h1> <h2> <h3> <ul> <ol> <q> <a> <img>

Other HTML components will no longer function, including some commonly used components such as "<strong> and <font>.

3. As such, should you need to edit your HTML templates, we recommend that you transition to using our new WYSIWYG editor instead of HTML.

4. Certain stylizing elements that are achievable with HTML are not achievable with the WYSIWYG editor, including using different fonts, font colors, and the ability to add custom padding. If you have these elements incorporated in existing templates and wish to keep them, be sure not to edit those templates.


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