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Release Notes: November 15, 2020
Release Notes: November 15, 2020

New features, tweaks, and enhancements to Submittable released November 1 - 15 2020 (v3.1253 - v3.1262).

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What's new

  • Inline Multiple Select formatting update. When you have a large number of multiple select options to present to submitters, the Inline select option can be a life-saver in terms of keeping your form neat and concise. We've now updated the formatting so that responses are justified, making it much easier for applicants to read and make choices.

  • Move the title field on initial forms. Your initial form title is your unique identifier, and many organizations choose a specific value to serve as the title. In some cases, it may make sense to include this question later on in your application form. To support these instances, you can now move the title field anywhere throughout your form on our new form engine.

  • Filter for Additional Form open to editing: You may now filter for "Any open for editing" under Additional Form Status, to help you find all Additional Forms which are currently opened to editing.

Also released

Bugs squashed

  • Smart Fee payment fields are now showing the price associated with them in Standard Reporting.

  • Messages sent with RTE are correctly displaying hyperlinks.

  • Accept & Decline button modals on submission list page are no longer stripping out line breaks in templates.

  • Email Templates with rich text editing are successfully saving the adjusted size of an image.

  • Fixes to Branch Logic loading after a form version change.

  • Files with a either a capitalized or lowercase mp3 extension are able to be played in submission details.

  • MSR: Rating form fields no longer revert to No Score if you enter in a Zero.

  • Complete Status Response Template displaying correct language.

  • Shift/Select correctly working for bulk sending of Additional Forms from Submission List.

  • Fixed Average Score discrepancy in Standard Reporting.

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