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Release Notes: November 30, 2020
Release Notes: November 30, 2020

New features, tweaks, and enhancements to Submittable released November 16 - 30 2020 (v3.1263 - v3.1269).

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What's new

  • The "Text Only" form field no longer requires a Header. When using Text Only to incorporate instructions, you can now include body text only. This allows for improved flexibility with text styling vs. when a Header was required. Go crazy. 🤪

  • The Update Submission feature has been sunsetted. To remove the possibility of deeply convoluted data, we have removed the former Update Submission option, which had made it possible to move a submission to a completely different form or project.

Also released

  • Added digit validation to Short Answer form field for some accounts.

Bugs squashed

  • Long Answer Field formatting correctly in Gallery.

  • Fixed formatting of number fields in Gallery.

  • Data Import will now send emails to all users. If the user was created, the email will append the login info to the message.

  • Smart Fees will now correctly be totaled for the Single Checkbox Field.

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